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Spherical is a platform game with a difference. I say this because there isn't a set route to take to complete the level and you create a large number of the platforms yourself.

The game takes place inside a castle in Khomdal. The hero's of the game are an elf named Pulgram and a dwarf magician called Wuron. Against all natural proceeding this due have made friends and teamed up together. Their task is one that was commenced many years ago, but, unfortunately for them, not completed. They have to search the castle for a waking dragon called Ming and banish him forever. If they fail the Earth will be held under his evil rule. Quarol, a magician, had partly succeeded with this task with the help of a starball which had incredible power. Now Wuron and Pulgram have to seek out this ball and use it against the dragon before the Earth's time runs out Spherical can be played by one or two players. A nice touch is that the screens are layed out differently depending upon which option you choose. This ensures that if there is only one player the level is easier/possible to complete and there's not so much to do. It is good to see such an option that allows team play since you can tackle the problems presented together and, hopefully, progress further into the game.

As each level appears on screen you will find a certain number of blocks scattered around. These are in two different shades. The lighter blocks don't move but those of the darker hue can be destroyed by either of the players magic wands. Jewels, flasks, scrolls etc, will also be scattered around the playing area, these are for the players to collect for points, special powers etc.

The item that the players should really look out for though is the starball. This is usually balanced on a block as far away from the magician as the screen allows. The aim is to reach the starball as quickly as possible so that you can block it in and plan what to do next. Blocking in is achieved by the players creating their own dark coloured blocks courtesy of their magic wands. If you take too long reaching the ball it will start rolling and fall down the nearest hole in the floor. This probably means that it is impossible to finish the level, isn't life unfair?

Once you can have a safe look at the playing area without fear of the ball rolling into some impossible position you can start to plan a route for the ball to follow to reach the exit block. Getting the ball to touch this exit block completes the game level. The route to the exit may require that the players create their own platforms using their wands. Your own route around the screen may also require that you create your own platforms to walk along. Building blocks is achieved by pressing the fire button on the joystick, a block then appears in the direction that you are facing. If you press the button again the block will disappear, clever huh?

No doubt you're thinking that this all sounds incredibly easy. Don't be so sure, as with all of these games there is somebody working against you, hoping to prevent you from completing your task. Upon starting the game there is a training option that allows you to practice laying the blocks and taking them back - I would recommend that you use it as it takes a good while to become expert at this construction demolition job.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.05 MB).


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