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Can US Gold's Street Fighter II live up to all the hype and expectations? Street Fighter II has become the all-time number one arcade game in history. If you've been lucky enough to play the game (or even see it!) through the crowds of people gathered around the machines, you'll realise the huge task involved to convert this epic onto the Amiga. How can you re-create SIX buttons on a joystick? How would you perform the "special" moves, like the famous Sonic Boom, Dragon Punch, Fireball, Hurricane Kicks, etc.?

Well, Street Fighter II loads with an impressive arcade look-a-like screen that raises even these pessimistic hopes. After choosing 1 or 2 players, you can then choose your method of control. Options exist for one or two button joysticks, keyboard, or a combination of keyboard and joystick for control. Next you get to choose a difficulty level, and then finally to the good bits - it's time to choose your fighter. You can be one of Ryu, E Honda. Blanka, Guile, Ken, Chun Li, Zangief, or Dhalsim, each with their own special (and secret!) moves. Such choices are never easy. Who do you play? Ryu or Ken with their Hurricane Kicks. Fireballs and Dragon Punch? Maybe E Honda with his impregnable Hundred Hand Slap and butt-kicking Flying Battering Ram? Or, maybe Blanka with his lethal Electricity and vicious Rolling Attack? No, maybe Guile with his famous Sonic Boom and Blade Kick? No? Ok, how about Chun Li with her Hundred Foot Kick and vicious Hurricane Kick? Still no? Surely you'll take Zangief with his wicked Screw Pile Drive and Double Larritte? Or maybe even Dhalsim with his deadly Yoga Flame and Yoga Jug of Fire?! Make your choice and it's time to kick some butt!!

The first thing that you will notice, after only a couple of wags of the trusty old joystick, is that the controls are fast and precise. The fighters are very responsive, and unlike many other beat-em-ups. The wild waggling of the joystick with frantic thumping of the fire button doesn't work on this one!

Your first mission is to beef your way past the other seven fighters. The fights are the best of three and in between fights you get to practise your moves on a yup's car (pretend it's the Ed's). You will need to use all your special moves and that street-sense to defeat these opponents. That's the great challenge with Street Fighter II - each adversary calls for different tactics and different moves!

It's time to take on the challenge! Pick up that indestructible joystick and enter the fray. Fighting your way through the first seven competitors earns you the right to fight Balrog, Vega and Sagat. These guys each have their own (secret) special moves, which you must counter in your attempt to win the game. Fighting against Fireballs, Hurricane Kicks, Sonic Booms, Yoga Flames, etc, isn't easy, but if you do manage to win the game, you just jump to the next difficulty level and start your battle again.

The controls on the Amiga are obviously different from those of the arcade. It's impractical to have six buttons plus a joystick (since most of us have only two hands), but with a quick reference to the manual, you'll soon be able to throw your favourite arcade moves on your arch-rivals. The in-game sound is quite good with digitised speech used for the fighters' special moves. The animations are as smooth as the arcade, but the backdrops suffer. The Amiga does not quite have the processor power to handle the animation of backdrops, so these are substandard to the arcade. The Amiga version also lacks the subtle 3D effect of the arcade. Surprisingly, however, this doesn't really affect the quality of the game. Sure, it doesn't have the final touches graphically of the arcade version, but what it does have is far more important. Street Fighter II is truly playable and addictive. The great game-play is what makes this "arcade conversion" a hit! It's a gem among arcade conversions. Street Fighter II is a must for fanatics of the arcade version, and if you're only going to download one arcade game this year, make it this one... It's playable, addictive, fun, and challenging! What more can you ask for? It's a GREAT 2 player game! Sonic Boom...

Very big classic! Arcade hit game, ported to Amiga. Best beat 'em up game from that time. 8 Characters, bosses, lots of different stages, extra moves, excelent audio and visual!

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