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Based on the Harold Coyles book of the same name, the game is billed as being 'so real you can smell the smoke'. Well I don't know about that, but it is one of the best tank warfare games I have played. Taking the role of a US Army Captain in charge of four tank platoons in World War Three against the Russians, you have at your disposal a host of options that initially seem a bit daunting, but after taking time out to read the manual (something which we all only do as a last resort, right?) it really does become fairly user friendly. You are given a training mode to get you started and this should be attempted before anything else, to get the feel of your tanks and finding out just how to deploy the many different strategies needed to overcome the computerised Russian forces. Once you hit the battlefield for real, you are presented with a 4 quadrant display that gives you simultaneous control over each platoon. You can then go to a full screen display of a particular platoon and go in-tank for a seat of the action experience. There are some excellent graphics and sound to get you in the mood, and a good deal of depth to the strategy, although I am sure wargame purists may find the 'arcade' element too much to stomach. With features such as night time fighting using thermal imaging, 3D battlefields using high definition bit mapped tanks, a multitude of differing ammo, plus laser range finders and even smoke screens, there is plenty there throughout the 25 battles to keep in the most demanding game player happy. A really great war game.

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