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Toki is a hero, a square-jawed, all-round nice guy and, of course, he's in love with a beautiful girl, Miho. She's the apple of his eye, music to his ears, the beating of his heart, the sweet smell of primrose - and she cleans up every Tuesday. But there's a cloud on the horizon. Bashtar, an evil witch, is jealous of Miho, but she knows that she can't get rid of her as long as the great warrior Toki is in human form. So the villainess does the obvious - she cowardly turns our hero into an ape and runs off with Miho in her clutches. Toki's no nonce though, and he's not standing for this kind of behaviour. He decides that his looks won't be enough to hinder him on his quest to rescue his beloved. So despite his outward primate's guise, he sets off to get his gal back and give Bashtar a good hiding in the process.

When a game has an ape as its hero, you'd expect the whole affair to be a bit strange, but in fact the scenario's the only really odd feature. In terms of gameplay, it's all fairly standard stuff, mostly running, shooting, dodging and the like, but there's great variety in there and some of our hero's unusual actions (swimming, climbing, riding on trolleys and so on) all help to make it stand out from the current crop of arcade conversions. The main man (or should that be monkey), Toki, is a lovable little fellow. The way he walks, climbs and spits adds instant appeal - and the good news is that the appeal lasts well past the first few levels. This could be because the gameplay is so well balanced, becoming gradually harder as you get into it (which is exactly the way it should be). People tend to underestimate the importance of appropriate in-game music, but when, as here, it complements the action perfectly it can add greatly to the game's appeal. Okay, Ocean had a good coin-op to work from, but that doesn't alter the fact that this is a hugely enjoyable - and addictive - game.

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