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In cutesy-woodsy platform land things just seem to be getting cuter all the time. And they don't get much cuter than this, mate. Little stubby trolls with cute hair and even cuter smiles jumping around levels full of cute toys and sweets with sweet, toy cutesy things all over the place. And if you thought trolls were cute, you wait till you see a baby troll, a creature so cute that it redefines the word 'cute' and requires a whole new adjective to even come close to describing just how cute it really is.

The gist of the plot is that the aforementioned baby trolls require rescuing from eight different levels. It's not really explained why they're lost in the first place, but I'm sure it doesn't matter because It's really just an excuse for a platform romp of cuddly cute and colourful proportions.

Now, this is the A1200 enhanced version of Flair's big platform licence, and so once again we come round to assessing whether its enhancements are significant. Well, I'm going to say straight away that this is probably the first 1200-specific game that I've been impressed by. Aside from the obvious speed improvements to existing games, such as Wing Commander, Legends Of Valour and just about any flight sim that will run on it, there has been some disappointment over so-called 1200 enhancements. The only one with any obvious differences is Zool 1200. and opinion is divided over this in the office (Stuart sees it as an improvement. I think it's actually less satisfying than before).

The enhancements In Trolls 1200 are immediately apparent. In place of the empty graduated backgrounds are some positively sumptuous parallax-scrolling beauties. But while Zool 1200's backgrounds seemed to be just a scattering of objects vaguely related to each level, those in Trolls integrate far more effectively into the action.

They really are cor-wow-fab looking as well. The Fable land's lush rolling countryside is breathtaking, and Toy level benefits from a perfect sepia-toned backdrop. The animation seems slightly smoother too, with the 1200 obviously handling the scrolling better than the original, even with all the extra graphics. The gameplay is exactly the same as the original, which is to say it's an above-average platformer which breaks away from the linear constrictions of most games of this genre. It's not my personal favourite platform game, but it sure is a fine one and should appeal to all platform-loving console-envying gamesters out there.

If you like platformers you'll love it, and you'll especially like this 1200 version. It's the first game that's made me think, "Wow, the 1200's not just faster - it looks better too."

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