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Zeppelin are obviously not ones for deep storylines as this, their latest budget release, puts you straight into the combat zone with only three objectives: stay alive, make lots of money and don't worry about the fact that there's no plot to speak of.

This is a 'tank in a maze' type game in the style of Cytron/Gauntlet, with you looking down from above whilst guiding your warrior droid through the many levels in search of credits and your goal location before the time runs out. The levels are - as you might expect - filled with other droids intent on your destruction and they'll be quite happy to drive into you at great speed if they don't have a weapon of their own.

As well as looking for credits left about as you journey towards the level exit, there are keys to be collected which allow access to other parts of the maze. Some levels are just a simple drive-thru affair whereas some will require manipulation of pressure pads to open and close sections of walls in your way.

Your droid isn't exactly a Skoda and can be souped-up with various 'toys' that can be found in Alpha City. This is the 'between levels' section where you can choose to enter any of the shops on offer. Big Al's Second Hand Emporium, Roy's Repairs and Sid's Taverna are just some of the places to go if you're looking for new or used goods. If you're feeling particularly confident, you can also visit the Tote Betting Shop where money can be made by betting on you performance for the next level.

Your droid's performance is governed by the quality of its five main components - communications unit, force field, weaponry, drive unit and armour. Weaponry can be upgraded to give you more powerful and varied guns as well as missiles which roam across the screen beautifully looking for something to kill.

As you can see from screen shots, Universal Warrior is simple stuff. The graphics aren't out of this world but are nice and sharp and do the job as well as any, while the sound blips and crunches at the appropriate moments. The baddies vary from thick wandering weeds to intelligent tanks that follow you and shoot on sight which can prove quite difficult to deal with if you've taken enough damage to affect your driving, and the overall difficulty curve is well-judged. The Alpha City section is nice as it breaks up the game and also gives you the chance make any repairs and, of course, the all-important chance to bung tons of extra weapons onto your droid. I can't go without mentioning the gorgeous missiles that scoot around the screen - love 'em! I also liked the fact that you can buy add-ons from either a legitimate retailer or the black market, giving you access to larger weapons at less cost but with a risk of it suddenly letting you down. You can also get insurance for your droid, but any parts of it that have been illegally purchased will not be covered. This is lovely and simple and the perfect sort of thing to put on the budget market. It's perfect for a quick five minute romp but stands up well if you want to spend time building yourself a wonder-droid. Jolly good fun.

Not so old, but quite simple game. The universal warrior is a robot, who has to roll over many levels, find keys, open doors, collect extra points, and fool his enemy.

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