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Let Dr. Ditto challenge your children's problem solving skills, while they are having fun! Like yesterday's memory games, players use a set of "mosaic" tiles to find the matches. Unlike those games, these puzzles come alive after your child successfully completes them. Through the magic of multimedia, Dr. Ditto himself appears on screen to provide fun and informative explanations of the game's theme.

Dr. Ditto contains two types of games: Lotto and Memory. Each game has over 100 colorful decks. The decks are divided into categories, as shown by nine buttons on the question mark screen. To go to each category and see what the deck contains, just click on one of the nine buttons. You will be given a fun multimedia tour of the subject you have chosen and given several deck options.

Lotto: Match the card at the bottom the screen with its mate up top by clicking and dragging it up. When all the cards are matched, you win!

Memory: To find the cards that match, click on the backs of the cards to turn them over. When you find one you have seen before, click on its mate to make them both disappear. When the board is clear, you win!

Dr. Ditto encourages participation with lively lessons on history, airplanes, trucks, animals, colors, language, and more. Its pictures, puzzles, and patterns will educate and entertain. The multiple game format will keep your child's interest, even on the rainiest of days. Dr. Ditto is designed to be used by children at home, so they can help their parents share the fun. It will be a delightful learning experience for all!

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