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Babies have been around for quite a long time. In fact, we've all been one at some time in our lives even though lor some unknown reason we can never remember. Still, take it from us you were one, but if crapping in your nappy and puking over your mum were your idea of adventure you were nothing compared to Baby Jo.

He's willing to take on the whole world just to get back to the loving warmth of his mother.

With a storyline as sick as Baby Jo you may initially find yourself wanting to watch the cute little sucker burn and blub his eyes out, but once you take control of him you'll soon change your mind and will be egging him on to mummy with some of the foulest language ever thought up. So exactly how sickening is this storyline I hear you ask.


Baby Jo's mum is obviously suffering from senile dementia because she's left our little cutesy in the woods all alone and seems to have forgotten about him completely. Fortunately, the little fellow is extremely resourceful and has a great sense of direction -he can smell mashed apple from miles away! Pretty useful actually because he's got a long way to go.

As tough as he may seem. Jo is just like any other baby - he cries when he is hurt, smiles when he finds his favourite things, screams when he gets burned, shows his satisfaction after a good meal, is sad when he falls and sucks his thumb when he's bored. The only things he doesn't do is pooh his nappy and throw up everywhere -thank God!

His main attributes are his ability to run very fast, jump very high, and float casually to the ground when in the air. However. Jo is gonna need to muster all his abilities if he is to avoid the nasties of the countryside, such as killer wasps, rolling logs, egg laying birds, forest fires and poisonous caterpillars. None of these have much respect for the charming kikkle billy!


Mother Nature has provided help for our sickeningly sweet hero. The Super Diaper gives Baby Jo super-speed and enables him to cross huge distances in a single bound, the Protective Cape is temporary but protects Jo from all harm, the

Throwing Rattle equals five rattles that can be thrown against the enemy. It is effective against most but not all of them. There are plenty of other weapons and bonuses to collect but we're not going to tell you about them all, so there!


The action scrolls horizontally from night to left with Baby Jo positioned in the centre of the screen. Most of the action consists of platform leaping and the collecting of items, but certain weapons can be collected that add a bit of death and destruction to the plot - very nice indeed! Along the way there are plenty of food items to collect.

Although the dangers are many, the worst has to be the small fires that will roast Jo's bum to a cinder when touched. Most comforting to our hero is his milk. Guzzling the milk increases his energy. On emptying it, he smacks his lips and gives the thumb up -gawd bless him.

Super nappies are also very valuable to our bald headed babe in arms as they allow him to jump higher allowing access to those previously inaccessible platforms. However, they don't last forever.

The status display is positioned at the top of the screen showing Baby Jo's face which gets more red as he takes hits. If his face gets to the point of boiling over. Jo will drop to the floor and cry his eyes out, losing a life in the process. The milk bottle indicates life force level.

Each level has a password which can be entered at the start of a new game. This eliminates the monotony of having to start straight from scratch.

This is cute little platformer in which you play as a little baby... For some strange reason he needs to get home. I think he ran away or got lost or something... It does tell you, but I can't remember...

Anyway, there are 4 major levels on this game, 1 is in the forest, 1 is underground, 1 is in a picnic park, and another is in your garden...

Along the way you must defeat various baddies, which are often in the form of animals... There are other ways to be hurt, such as evil rain cloud, and jack in the boxes opening at the wrong times. But not to fear, these baddies can be overcome by none other than - your rattle! With this handy device you can throw rattles at your enemies, but you only have a limited supply of them, and so must collect them at various intervals along the way...

Hmmm, this seems like a dangerous journey for a baby alone to take! Well, not to worry there are cakes and spare nappies (diapers) available everywhere, as well as milk bottles... There is even a talking green duck to help you in your perilous quest!

So, do you think you have what it takes to get Baby Jo home to his mum? I reckon its a good bet that you do! but you will never know without downloading this game...

An ordinary platform game, a standard jump 'n run gameplay. Where you must control a funny baby. You have to run from left to right collect items and try to avoid obstacles. Similar to Chuck Rock.

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