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If ever a game deserved to be described as a shoot'em-up in its purest form, then Walker is it. Dispose of complex control systems, abolish all power-up structures and rage a path from right to left instead of the traditional left to right. What do you get? Quite simply, a DMA Design blast that almost ranks alongside Project-X. In Walker, you control what is best explained as a Scout Walker from Return Of The Jedi. However, for the record, the inspiration for the main sprite derived from a certain other DMA game - remember the rather excellent Blood Money? Hah, so the penny's dropped at last!

Using the keyboard to stride left and retreat right, this allows you to control the mouse with your other hand. In doing this, you are able to move your machine guns' cursor about the screen, unleash a volley of bullets with your left button and lock onto targets by keeping the right button depressed. And that's basically it! Such a simplistic approach lets you concentrate on the masses of enemies surging toward your unusual but gorgeously animated fighting fiend.

Although seriously outnumbered, your rapid-fire guns can quickly give your fanatical opponents their marching orders. It's when the enemy soldiers are accompanied by tanks, cannons and come with considerable air support that thoughts of oiling those metal legs and making a sharp exit like Bernie Clifton on 18-wheeler roller skates seems like a healthy idea. But no, you're a tough guy. OK, a tough shooting a gun that has a tendency to overheat with excessive use, but you're still tough... especially when surrounded by six inches of steel. Even then, you must bear in mind that each time a bullet thumps into your belly, a rocket bangs up your rear end or a bomb drops onto your bonce that your armour plating starts to become severely weakened.

With four worlds of two zones in each to negotiate, you'll need to do a little fancy footwork and precision shooting to survive the lot. Possessing parallax scrolling and graphically different worlds, there are two other particularly notable features. Firstly, Walker contains so many really neat touches such as the helicopter pilots playing rock 'n' roll music - just like being back in good old 'Nam!

There are many more but I can't go on without using that, secondly, the sound effects will rattle your home so much that the neighbours will be moving to San Andreas or Mount Etna for a bit of peace and quiet. DMA and Psygnosis have realised the importance of sound and perfected it to a standard Team 17 would be proud of.

It all sounds too good to be true, yes? Well, I have two reservations. For one, some people may regard the gameplay as too similar throughout. Sure, it is samey but I feel that's not really an issue for Walker. Also, the amount of time it will probably take you to complete Walker could be a touch on the short side. Then again, this is the kind of game you will eternally return to even if you have finished it.

In the end, it's far too good, pleasurable and satisfying a game to ignore so now I've said my piece, I have a massacre to take care of. Excuse me...

Not an ordinary shooter game. It has very good graphics design, and animated intro. There are some cool music with digitalized sound effects, as bonus. You travel with your super devastator robot machine and have to stop war, in all ages. It starts at World War II in Berlin...

Action game

This game rocks! The action it offers and a fun factor are quite high especially in the arcade mode. You play as a huge Walker, a robot that looks like one of those huge bots from Robocop movies. It is armed with two huge machine guns capable of destroying everything, from infantry to tanks and aircrafts.

You move from right to left using the cursors (or joystick) while mouse is used for aiming. One button is for target lock and the other one fires. You will be attacked by multiple enemies on each screen so you must be quite fast to kill them before they kill you!

A fast action paced game that you must play.

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