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Converted by the Sales Curve, who are no slouches in the shoot 'em up stakes, the game is an action-packed horizontally scrolling blaster which allows you to control either a 'copter or armoured jeep. The game really comes into its own when in two player mode - the well-armed chopper and jeep are hardly equals so it's up to both players to cooperate and help each other out.

There's a vast array of opponents to slaughter including a multipart goose-copter, massive super-tanks, indestructible transport helicopters and mole-like craft that can burrow their way through the jeep. At times the screen is bristling with heat seeking missiles and the glare of anti-aircraft fire giving you no time to relax. The sonics complement the graphics wonderfully with realistic-sounding explosions and ricochets.

Definitely download it.


This is a true game legend. Silkworm, or Operation Silkworm, gives you an option to play either as a helicopter or a jeep or both if you have a friend! When you get into the game simply shoot at everything that moves and you will eventually get through. Sounds easy? It's not, trust me. This game was very successful when it was made back in 1988 because of its difficulty rating and great multiplayer fun.

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