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Time was when I commuted from London to Milton Keynes by car, up the M1. It was pretty hair-raising at times, cars changing lanes at the drop of a hat, slowing down for reasons known only to themselves and the regular sight of nasty pile-ups which the traffic crawled past, hoping for a glimpse of mangled bodies.

Badlands is the M1 taken to extremes. That and Super Sprint taken into a post-apocalyptic future. The view is quasi-above, the cars are beefed-up futuristic trucks with guns and missiles and the tracks are roughed-up areas that were once cities/volcanoes/freeways and the like. As with Super Sprint, you arc charged with racing around against two other players (one of which can be human, both of which can be computer-controlled) for a few laps, trying not to crash or fall foul of your opponents' guns and missiles. In the heat of the race, you should also collect the golden wrenches. These (like tiger tokens) are redeemable for car improvements. It all runs very smoothly and at budget price makes an awful lot of sense. It works best of all against a friend, now all you need to do is find one, eh?

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