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Though not as acclaimed as its predecessor, Back To The Future 2 still managed to make a few million dollars for messrs Spielburg and Zemekis. The plot carries on from where the first left off, with Dr. Emmet Brown, Marty and his girlfriend. Jenny, whizzing off at 88 mph in a Dolerean-cum-time-machine, on a jaunt to the future to prevent Marty's kids from growing up as jerks. When they get there Griff, the great grandson of Biff from the first film, uses the time car to transport a sporting almanac back to Biff in the 1950s who uses it to become a millionaire, thus altering the future. As a result. Marty has to travel back in time, save his other self from Biff's gang and then steal back the almanac. Yes, it does take a degree in quantum physics and relativity to understand.

There's so many crossover plots in the film it seems almost impossible for a game to do it justice. Image Works have approached the game by taking the five main scenes from the film and making them into individual game sections. The first of these is the hoverboards. This is portrayed in the same way as standard skateboard games. The first bit scrolls left to right with Marty punching out members of Griff's gang and picking up strength from Pepsi bottles and the like. Getting used to the controls and learning when to avoid cars is the key to completing this level. My only complaint is that it drags on a bit.

While all this is going on Jennifer gets herself arrested and taken off to her future home. The snag here is that if she meets her future self she's liable to have a breakdown. You've got to help her escape without meeting herself or her future family. This scene was obviously inspired by Cinema-ware's hospital sequence from It Came From The Desert game, though it's played as a logic puzzle rather than pure arcade. By moving the joystick in one of eight directions two doors open and any character standing in a room when the exit opens will walk through it. You have to move Jennifer's family out of her way as you try to get through the front door. It requires some thought, but it only took me a minute or so to complete this section which tends to make it seem a bit pointless.

Level three is a beat em up. Marty has returned to an alternative 1985 where Biff is king pin thanks to the sports almanac he received thirty years earlier. In order to return to 1955 Marty has to find the Delorean, which is being guarded by Biff's henchmen. This has to be the most uninspired section in the game. Not only does it use a six year old idea, but it's poorly executed.

The next level is quite bizarre. Marty's now made it back to '55 and he's at the Enchantment Under The Sea high school dance from Back To The Future, at the point where he's playing the guitar live on stage. It's at this point that he realises his other self is playing the guitar and is about to be jumped by Biff 's gang, so he's got to stop them. The game takes the form of an animated sliding block puzzle; quite what that's got to do with this section of the film I don't know.

In the fifth and final game. Marty's back on the hoverboard in a repeat of level 1, only this time it's sixty years in the past. The only real differences are the back drops and a new set of attacking characters. It's a bit of a cheap gimmick to rehash an earlier game section so blatantly. I was very disappointed to get this far and discover I really had gone back to the future.

The two outstanding features of this game are the intro sequence featuring the Delorean car shooting off into the space time continuum and a neat rendition of the theme (which owes a lot to the original composer). Though it's adequately presented. Back To The Future II doesn't get together as a complete game. Obviously it was always going to be a difficult license to translate; I just wonder if anybody could have handled it in a more exciting manner.

The game is based on the movie with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Unfortunately the game is not as good as the movie, it's just a simple platform-adventure-arcade game. You will have to complete the tasks that Marty McFly had in the movie.

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