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Grab your putter and head out for the strangest miniature golf course you ever played. One to four players can try their hand at nine very odd holes. Using the mouse you control the direction and velocity of the ball as you navigate such hazards as pinball machines, bouncing hamburgers, and places where the laws of physics just don't apply. If you complete a hole using less than the allotted number of strokes the extras are carried over to the next hole (you will need those extra strokes to complete the course.) The graphics are very good and the course is fun, at first. The only problems are in the loading times for each hole and the fact that you can't go over par (if you do then you have to start all over again at the first hole) which makes it a little frustrating. I also wonder how much playability you will get from the game. It isn't bad but it isn't great either.

Nine of the craziest holes you have ever seen. Each one like a separate arcade game. Featuring individual music tracks, rich animated background graphics and a host of very unusual obstacles.

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