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Put simply, the plot is this: You play a warrior sent to slay a Demon threatening your King's realm. Why the manual can't just come out and say this is a complete mystery. Instead, you get a load of old guff about some wizard called Anthrax, a faery having a bad dream and a murdered King's messenger - it's all far too convoluted to explain here. I suppose it's meant to generate 'atmosphere'.

Thing is, it's not really needed - there's a truly marvellous intro which creates bags of atmosphere all by itself. I know you read this every month but it really is something special and uses animation techniques reminiscent of the classic Disney cartoons. At natural breaks in the game there are well-drawn pictures and text explaining the progress in the plot.

The game is made up of a series of 'scenes', each of which contains some sort of task to be completed and, while they are not outstandingly original, they are sufficiently varied to prevent any boredom setting in. The size and animation of all the characters is superlative - the galloping horse and the hilariously goggle-eyed dragon are particularly memorable.

The scrolling levels feature numerous levels of parallax which create a great feeling of depth. David Whittaker's soundtracks are fine but not outstanding - they're very reminiscent of Beast 2, in fact. Technically, this has to be the most accomplished and polished game yet written for the Amiga.

Thankfully, the programmers Abstrax have also spent a bit of time on the gameplay. All controls are responsive and the game tasks are entertaining. A stunning game that not only looks fantastic and sounds great but plays well too.

An arcade-adventure game, with beautiful hand made graphics, and intro animation. The arcade levels are similar to Shadow of the Beast. Very good looking stuff.

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