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With the sun in the sky and rock 'n' roll music playing in the background, Beach Volley takes you to Tokyo, Moscow, Paris, London, New York, Nassau, Sydney, and Cairo. Played against the computer or a friend, this is two-on-two beach volleyball, tournament style. The first player to score seven points or the player with the highest point total at the end of the time limit is the winner of a match.

Beach Volley offers two types of serves: normal and smash. The joystick is used to control the length and direction of each serve. While the ball is on your side of the net, you can smash (spike) the ball if you can time your jump properly. While on defense, you can jump and try to block the ball if your opponent smashes it over the net. Like in real volleyball, points are scored when the ball touches the ground, goes out of bounds, or hits the net.

This is one of the most addictive games I've played in a long time. Beach Volley is as simple to play as it is gorgeous to look at - and by simple I don't mean easy, but brilliantly straightforward in idea. The origins of beach volley lie in California. All you need to play it is a net, two teams of two players each, and, of course, a sun-kissed stretch of sand.

The game has both one and two-player options, and the rest is simplicity itself. First of all you or your opponent serves, knocks the ball over the net to an opposing player, who passes it to his team mate, who lobs back over the net, the the process is repeated. A flashing symbol indicates the spot where the ball will land; the ball can only be touched twice when it's your possession; and the first team to score seven, with a margin of two, wins. And that's it...

Apart from the fact that Beach Valley sets a furious pace, and you can get to do close-to-the-net smashes, volleys from the rear of the court, and you can play bluff with your opponents. I love playing table top football - Beach Volley's similar in that you instinctively know what your next move should be but are your reflexes up to the test?

The graphics are really quite enchanting, in particular the animation sequences which link each level. Every game takes place in a different country, and the links take the mickey a bit; so, for instance, you'll arrive at Hawaii on a sailboard which has been strapped to a sea serpent. The title screen has been drawn like a page from a teenager's comic. The programming for this game was done in France and it has the look of a Frenchman's idea of what the perfect American 'yoof' should be like; so thank God that it wasn't programmed in America, or we would've got the Waltons.

And that's it, apart from to say that Beach Volley has a jolly nice soundtrack full of rock 'n' roll and other popular noises and that you really ought to give this one a go. It's got nice big sprites, dayglo colours, and it's actually rather good.

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