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BTG (as this will be hereafter known) is a hilariously irritating game, which will have you playing like no other game has done since this company's other puzzle smash. Lemmings. It's all about getting Terry Tomato up a beanstalk to rescue Tracey, his sweetheart, who has been unfortunate enough to be kidnapped by... a squirrel. Yes, a squirrel. No, don't adjust your sets.

Things don't get any more sensible from here. Using a limited number of powers to their utmost, you must get Terry from one side of each screen to the other. He always starts on a springboard and there are usually a number of fans, which are required to blow Terry in the desired direction. He always leaps a standard height, but depending on where you place the fans, the length of the jump alters.

Other powers, like springboards. Jack-in-the-boxes, reverse fans and blocking boxes must be placed to make the most of the initial jump and get the pining fruit across the screen (and sometimes part of the way back again as well). There are three main hazards. The first of these is the number of lives, or tries, you have. This can be 30 or more on starting a screen but, as one theory after another hits the fan -sometimes quite literally, with horribly squidgy results - that total can start to look quite small after all.

The other hazards are the time limit and the moving objects. The former will end the game if you fail to complete the level before its expiry, while the latter will not only lose Terry a life but also remove from the screen and place back in the inventory any powers you've already painstakingly placed This is the main irritant. On some screens, there's very few places where the moving things don't move to at some stage or other, so you'll need to not only plan ahead but time the start as well.

BTG is a surprisingly addictive game. There are lots of nice amusing additions to finish off the rough edges, including some really nasty ways to die. Maybe the music will get on your nerves but if it does, it s easily switched off. And there is a password system to save a shred of your sanity. Destined to become a cult classic.

A pluzzle / platform game, with excelent mouse control. You have to solve many pluzzles with Mr. Tomato and with your mouse. The game has a lot in common with Lemmings.

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