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THE BOYS ARE BACK in town and they're ready to rock. Unfortunately, the local sheriff has other plans. The Blues Brothers, Joliet Jake and Elwood, have built themselves a bit of a reputation at their little shindig in Chicago, so the local authorities are none too happy about their forthcoming concert.

In an attempt to put a stop to it, the local sheriff has stolen all the boys' equipment and scattered it across town, issuing an ultimatum to "pack up and get out". Jake and Elwood of course, have other plans. Six levels of madness and mayhem are the result, as the boys attempt to retrieve as much of their gear as possible. It shouldn't be too hard - just remember, they're on a mission from God.

THE BLUES BROTHERS HAS GOT EVERYTHING IT NEEDS - almost. But it hasn't got a driving section involving over 100 cars, totally impossible stunts and mass pile-ups, and that's about all that's wrong with it. Although the game is based on the characters rather than the film, Titus has still managed to create a very playable, enjoyable and surprising game. To be honest, even if it wasn't based on the Blues Brothers and the main sprites were completely different, it would still have worked. Luckily, because it is, we get some great adaptions of the music. In one or two places the tunes are slightly out (though I only really noticed this because I'm an ardent Blues Brothers fan), but for the most part they're spot on. Titus has obviously put a lot of effort into the game's design. Almost everything you see can be used to climb on, even things that first appear to be merely backdrops and the nice part about this is that the sprites change to suit whatever they're climbing on. The two-player option is a mite tricky to get to grips with at first, but with a bit of perseverance and teamwork, the re-centering screen works fine. The Blues Brothers is an excellent product no matter who you are or what you do to live, thrive and survive.

Based on the film of the same name. You play one of the brothers as they search for their missing musical instruments scattered about the city. There are five good sized levels, each with one hidden instrument. You have to find it and make your way to an exit.

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