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Fighting's no fun any more. Just because you're the world champ you get every no-hoper in the world trying to have a go at you. It's just such a pity they're no match for a well-placed uppercut, a strategic knee jab or the lightning bolt from your ironbar fingers. Time to go elsewhere for some action.

Body Blows Galactic finds you following in the footsteps of Danny and Junior (the heroes of the original Body Blows) as they explore other planets in search of head-cracking inspiration. They stumble across the warlike inhabitants of Gellorn-5, Miasma, Feminion and Eclipse and decide to challenge them all to a beat-em-up contest where the victor will be crowned Galactic Champion.

You and up to eight pals can choose to play one of 12 extra-terrestrial characters with an astonishing variety of fighting skills and special moves. The action takes place over the five different planets of the competition's hosts and there are three difficulty levels to choose from. It all sounds remarkably similar to the original Body Blows. True, you get to choose a few more characters and feast your eyes on some different backgrounds, but the basic concept remains unchanged.

Like any beat-em-up, this game is all about smacking your opponents all over the shop until they finally crumple into a defeated pile. This proves easy enough against human opponents, but not so easy against the Amiga-controlled baddies.

The main problem lies with the sluggish joystick controls. You find yourself waggling like crazy to get some kind of reaction out of your hero only to see him constantly bouncing his dented head against the pavement. Naturally, your Amiga manages to pull the required stunts with breathtaking ease while you just stand there grimacing and doing an occasional backflip. OK, it's not really that bad, but it does get very frustrating when you keep being beaten again and again through no discernible fault of your own. Having 21 different joystick manoeuvres to remember really doesn't help any, either.

Beat those body baddies

The gameplay really is much better in two-player or Tournament mode when you stand a far better chance of actually petting one over on your opponents. It's a great feeling being the toughest new kid on the block and it's better than trying the handles on parked cars for an evening.

With both standard Amiga and AGA versions available, Body Blows Galactic is a worthy successor to the original. This certainly won't be the best or most expensive beat-em-up you'll play this Xmas, but it comes pretty close.

Team17 was one of the most active companies on the Amiga market. Their games are really rocks. Well, Body Blows is also a very cool game. It's a beat 'em up game, which takes place in the future. With many characters, special moves, and cool backgrounds. You can choose on which planet would you like to fight!

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