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NOW, A BALL game where you can hack off the heads of the opposition - that's entertainment. Brutal Football takes the basic concept of football, complete with goalkeepers, half-time, and player leagues, and brutalizes it utterly by adding swords, grenades and play-field icons. The result is blood on the turf - mutant players tackling, slashing and stomping each other while in pursuit of the ball. Games are for seven minutes, with no off-sides or out-of-plays - the field is surrounded by walls which rebound the ball. The team to score the most points or slaughter six out of the seven players of the opposition wins. In the event of a draw, a free-for-all ensues.

You can play an "unfriendly" match (one game, or best of three or seven) against seven other teams, a series of knockout rounds, or enter the league competition, in which your team battles against the others to rise to the top of the division scoretable, in one or two-player modes. Between matches, you can retire your team to the locker room, where the players can be fixed up and healed. Medical attention costs money, earned by victory on the field. It's a pity that you cannot improve your players with bionic implants, extra weapons and the like, a la Syndicate.

On the grass the game is great fun. Heads roll, blood spills. There are five basic moves - an attack (be it a tackle or stabbing with the swords that crop up on the field), a pass, a kick, a flying catch, and a stomp - all easy to master. The game's intelligence, in terms of smart offensive, is fairly good - moving from the opposition (in one-player mode), running the inactive members of your team behind the ball, and deciding which player on the screen should be your "active" team member.

Overall, a game for those bored with the masses of ordinary soccer simulations out there. Brutal Football is hard, fast, and a lot of fun.

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