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Cartoons are wonderful things - they make us laugh and keep a tot of people happy. So what happens when someone makes them bad and unhappy? Cartoon heroes like Arnie the car have to go and make them good again, that's what.

This cute little platform game is based well in the cartoon mould, with some colourful sprites and backgrounds to portray the action. You take control of the cutely drawn little hero in his quest to save Cartoon World and defeat the evil Captain Grim. In order to turn the land into an evil place, Grim has sabotaged various pieces of cartoon scenery, from the building sites to the land of toys. You must visit all the locations driving over all the platforms to turn the place back to normal.

Stunt Car Jumper

Arnie's good intentions hit a snag however, because his brakes don't work, which means that once he starts moving, he can't stop! He can jump though, enabling him to pass from platform to platform, happily returning them to their natural state. If Arnie restores all the platforms in a sector, then he can break through and rescue one of his cartoon friends - accompanied by a rather crap gag!

This would be easy to achieve, except that Grim is still watching the little hero, and throws in the odd baddy to try and stomp on him. Also, if Arnie takes to long over a particular location, then the Turbo Demon will appear and chase him to his death. Unfortunately, the friendly helicopter can't go and pick him up until he's completed his task in the area. Oh dear!

Things are made easier by the occasional bonus item that Arnie can pick up to help him on his way. These include weapons that can be used by the hands that drive Arnie around, ranging from front-firing guns and smart bombs to magical tokens which can freeze all the enemies on the level for a while. Sometimes letters will float down the screen which, when they are all collected, give Arnie an extra life or score bonus.

To The Boing-Mobile!

Although it sounds simple. Car-Vup's gameplay is rather good fun. Despite its simplicity, the game is quite tough and it'll be quite a while before Arnie can beat all the levels to finally confront the evil Captain Grim. It's great fun ploughing through the levels though, since each sector is portrayed by incredibly individual graphics, ranging from the lovely pastoral garden scenes to the colourful Rubik's Cube and Stickle-Brick backgrounds of Toy Land.

Cartoons are great, and Car-Vup captures the feel of them superbly. Forget the paint and celluloid for five minutes and get into 'Toon fun with Arnie and his cute friends!

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