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Eventually, you must turn defence into attack and advance far enough to destroy the Celts once and for all. You shall start with the royal treasury at 2,500 gold pieces and must use this money wisely to hire hands to build your castle and defend it. Your first task is to design the castle. How big or small you make it is up to you. But I would warn against making the first construction too complex, or else it will be many months in completion and require many hands to build. A smaller castle will only give home to a few troops and will not provide such a great tax income. You will also need to bear in mind that attackers may damage the walls or towers, so you should take care to keep some monies in reserve to pay these unexpected costs. When you begin a castle plan, the screen will switch from the main one to a plan blueprint. On here you can set the foundations for the various towers, gate and walls that you want the castle to be constructed from. There are two tower types, your majesty. The first is the older and much loved square type. These are faster to build but less strong to resist attacks. You would be better off with round towers, if time and funds afford. They take much longer but their curved nature wards off certain types of attack and they are stronger. Due to the small number of castle piece types, planning a castle is simple, although a plan can be as complicated or straightforward as you wish. It's perhaps a wise strategy when starling a game to build a small inner tower house and then build new walls around it when you've finished. But before any of your great plans may begin, majesty, you must recruit workers to help you. You may specify individual workers for specific tasks if you wish, but merely clicking on Hire in the menu will increase the size of the whole workforce and recruit several of each type. Other factors in attracting a workforce include taxes and wages. Tax workers too highly and they will become less inclined to work. Offer higher wages and you will find it easier to attract workers to the castle. I trust your majesty will strike a happy balance between these two poles. Other influences on your performance will come in the form of random graphic screens with messengers offering various pieces of news and options. A good king will be wise when making judgements on such matters, for his rulings will be the way his subjects will judge him. Caution, majesty.

You should keep in mind the threat of enemy invasion when building the castle and have infantry on reserve. They are not redundant in peace times: while idle, you may put them to building a moat to further protect the castle. You may also set your troops to training, to improve the sight of archers and the hand of infantry.

Should the enemy attack, you must defend the walls from the invaders. Units of archers and infantry must be placed at strategic points on and around the wall. As the enemy approaches, archers must be clicked on and then given a target, while foot soldiers must be clicked on to make them attack the nearest enemy. Not all battles are do or die. A siege may result and if so. I hope your majesty thought to buy in reserves of provisions... I'm sure you will find ruling a kingdom a rewarding experience, alt- hough it is not a profession which comes naturally. You will make mistakes, most likely by wishing for too large a castle initially and spreading your resources too thinly. Graphically. Castles will be pleasing to you. Workers run around during the building phase and soldiers actually engage in battle. Sound drains your energy, being mostly a tune which will tire you eventually, though you may switch it off if it offends.

Should your majesty persist with the game and learn its finer points, success will result. And with success will come the desire to achieve more and to practise. Truly, the more Castles is played, the greater its subtlety and quality will emerge. Approach this problem with an open mind and you too could be called a great ruler by those who know you.

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