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T'was a grim day when the skies blackened and the clouds descended to hug the higher mountains of Celtica. The only relief came when the graphic artist announced: "Change the palette colour and make it a cheery bluer In fact, Celtica appears, from the outside, to be quite a scenic, peaceful land. But on closer examination, you'll soon realise the truth - you'll become aware that there is a war raging within the many islands. A war between good and evil.


Eskel represents Good, while Sogrom represents the society of very silly names with an evil ring to them. Their objective is to conquer the magical lands of Celtica for their own cause. Ubi Soft have generously decided to involve you in this deadly feud by designating you as Esker, symbol of Good and leader of mythological armies.

Search through the island you are currently on for enemy characters. Kill them and Sogrom to free the island. Not one to die easily, Sogrom will re-appear on another island. Consequently, you must chase him all around Celtica, freeing all the islands, and eventually vanquishing all traces of evil.

Celtic Legends is fully mouse controlled. You are presented with an island which is blessed with varying terrain. Your armies are denoted by a coloured diamond as are the enemy's. With the limited number of turns you are given (remembering that mountains, marshes, forests and other annoying geographical features slow you down), you must decide upon whether to reinforce your armies, attack nearby foes, or venture into the wilderness as pan of a long term strategy.


Fortunately, you are given a base in the form of a castle. Here, you will find a magic pentacle which will increase your Magic Points at the end of every turn. It also allows you to invoke extra characters which you can order about. The number of people on your side determines what bonus Magic Points you should receive.

And what are Magic Points for? Yourself and some members of your parties are magic users. This allows you to cast a selection of spells at your enemies when in combat, such as fireballs, a blood-sucking Vampirisation spell, disease inducing Contagious spell, and so forth. The more powerful the spell, the more Magic Points it costs you.

Should two opposing armies meet, a close-up of the area of conflict appears. The two armies face each other with each warfaring body having its own characteristics, displayed by moving the cursor over the person and interpreting the figures to the left of the screen.

These include Dexterity (the percentage of luck that a unit has to hit a target with weapon or spell). Force (determines amount of damage), Actions (indicates how far you can move on your turn), Experience (increases with killings which, consequently, improves your other attributes), Magic Level (signifies which spells you are able to execute), Life Points (a stamina measure that decreases each time you sustain damage. If it reaches zero, you're dead!).


In combat, you are given noticeable advantages over the enemy by attacking from elevated positions, because spells cannot be cast past trees, mountains and other large physical obstructions. If Eskel should ever be slain, your game is over and you have to begin on the island you've just attempted to overrun, again. For the ultimate in defence and offence, you are able to construct a fortress - for a price of 2000 Magic Points, but that's a lot!

With many battles to fight through in the future, it might be worth saving your magic and investing In the formidable building. Always think tactics, but even more importantly, value each life as preciously as your own if you want to stand any chance of defeating Sogrom and his hordes of evil minions.

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