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Yup, the fairies. Those winged and angelic supernatural entities have got themselves into a mess and need Storm to do the honours of freeing them from their torture. Having snatched them from the clutches of the evil Queen Bahd, you now have to deliver them to their homeland. Queen Bahd is, ahem, bahdly upset at this and will do everything in her power to stop you. Her magic is powerful and her servants will stop at nothing to put an end to Storm's valiant quest. Somewhat fortuitously. Storm is a well-built sort of God. In fact, he's about a third of the screen in size and uses every pixel to good effect (in a violent sort of way).

The game begins in a castle and will eventually, luck and skill willing, take Storm across a forest region, through Hell and, on Dragonback, through the air to the final encounter with Queen Bahd. Storm has it easy to begin with. Only a few bats and some superbly animated monkey beings face his trusty axe, which comes complete with blur - batteries not included - as he slices into the baddies.

Then come the spiders. Arachnophobes will dislike intensely their hairy appendages, as they creep along the ground towards our Godlike chum. True to their more boring (and less frightening) natural counterparts, these spiders crawl up walls and along ceilings ready to drop in at a moments notice. They're annoying in the extreme, popping out of treasure chests and clinging to your legs, sapping energy. No fear, for Storm needn't get too close to them, as his axe may be flung as well as wielded in close combat. Crouching or leaping allows the angle and thus the range of the weapon to be varied. On the subject of jumping, Storm does it very nicely indeed. He leaps up and stretches as high as possible, before gripping anything that his fingers may meet on the way down. This applies to ladders, vines or ledges, depending upon which world he's currently traversing. More surprises await in the forest section. This is a bit like 'Treetops'. similar to the jungle home of Tarzan but there is a minor difference: it's alive and evil. Walking along a seemingly normal bamboo and vine walkway, you'll find that Storm is set upon by the walkway itself, which animates into a snakelike being. This must be subdued before it reverts to its intended purpose, allowing progress to the higher platforms once more. If this was the only nasty shock waiting, I'd advise a relaxing stroll through the greenery. But the very trees are against you, their branches break off and transform into small hostiles. They appear weak, though quick and you may be tempted to ignore them. But they will fly at Storm, metamorphose mid-air into swords in true Terminator 2 style.

I won't spoil any more of the secrets of the platform levels. Having got through all three levels, you're faced with a flight on the back of an undead Dragon to face Bahd. She is not a pretty sight. Nor are her airborne minions any less ferocious than those on terra firma. For playability's sake, the graphics are smaller in this section. They are most odd too. Flying fortresses barrage you with shells. Pegasi swoop in, launching homing (and I mean HOMING) missiles. It's all a bit of a shock after the imaginative land levels to be faced with an average shoot em-up. There's nothing average about the rest of Deliverance. The graphics are bold and huge in the land sections. No thought was spared in the design: twists and unexpected occurrences crop up at every turn. Everything moves well and sounds good. Although the format is well tried and tested, this game's presentation revamps it very successfully. Worth a thrash of any beatie fan's joystick.

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