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As the intro sequence plays, I sit back lazily into my armchair and smile. I smile because as I look onto the screen, my eyes are greeted with a spectacle close enough to movie style quality.

A ship hurtles towards the atmosphere, an object is separated from the mothership, this mothership is located on a new course, the droid it deploys enters the atmosphere. A relay of messages are sent between ships flatting in the Indian Ocean. The M S. Hurricane receives a message from the M.S. Arizona and is deployed as the droid tears into the ocean and disappears below the surface.

Captain Dawnrazor is notified of the situation and as the droid docks onto a nuclear research station 20.000 feet deep the Captain is flown to the station. The last words he hears as he sinks into the murky depths of the Indian Ocean are, "Be careful we don't know what's down there, and by the way, we think that the oxygen is running out."

Deep Core is big. I mean big in all standards of the word. Your character Captain Dawnrazor is a classy guy with his muscle shirt and big guns. The dark tones of the background and your character give an air of mystery, and unforseeable danger. The backgrounds are drawn to perfection, air vents scatter a backdrop of air bubble rising into oblivion and a matrix of squares divided into smaller squares and so on. The animation is smooth and the scrolling is quick and keeps up to the character.

The next article which will come to the attention of your ears is the sound effects and music. Deep Core doesn't have any in-game music but the title screen has a great beat. The sounds of your weapon expelling its projectile which evolves into a mass of gases and shrapnel as it comes into contact with the aliens is well done. The only other real noises are the occasional doors and maybe a monster of an alien coming down to greet you with open cannons.

The thing which I found distressing about a game with this much class is the lack of documentation. After playing the game for a few hours I realised that I knew nothing of what I was picking up and using. I couldn't figure out a lot of things until I watched the title screen. This gives you all the information you need the successfully complete the game.

This game is a classic all round platform game which will entice any gamer to have a go and kill the aliens and save the world. Again! It has everything a game needs, but still, as most games do, lacks originality and does get a tiny bit annoying after a few hours of death and carnage. I mean how much can a human take?

You play a ninja in this shoot em up type platform game, with very detailed good graphics. The game was released on CD32, and on ECS/OCS Amiga also.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (4.41 MB).


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