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Princess Lucanna has been captured by Lord Thanatos. His plans are to draw the life force from Lucanna and use it to revive his ailing frame and get himself a Richard Gere look. Leander is a qualified princess rescuer (surprised? Nah!). He has decided to have a break from his six-month holiday to go out and bring justice to the Samurai world by restoring Lucanna to freedom and giving Thanatos his comeuppance. That entails conquering 22 worlds set in three distinct levels full of archers, giant insects and man-eating fly traps to name but a few of the weird creatures that inhabit them. Fortunately, magic potions and weapons are inexplicably in abundance too, making life a little easier for you and a lot harder for your enemies (ha!).

Leander is a Samurai and student of the ancient art of sword swishing. He also has a bit of Samurai magic up his sleeve: self destruction! Yes it's suicidal, but it's also a very effective way of frazzling everything else in sight! Providing you've got more than one life when you do it, you'll be OK.

Like many console games, one of Leander's strongest feature is that it can be customised to meet your needs as a player. The difficulty level can be set to easy, normal or hard, giving you five, seven or nine lives, and the music, sound effects and intro sequence can all be turned on or off. Get out there and start slashing!

WITH THE CONSOLES ATTRACTING all of the good oriental platform games recently, it's about time we Amiga owners had the same kind of classy, smooth scrolling and graphically amazing game. Leander has captured the console concept perfectly: scrolling that's smoother than a Radio One DJ and more colours than you could shake a paint brush at. As with all Psygnosis products there's an impressive intro sequence of fighting Samurai warriors, which establishes the right atmosphere for the rest of the game. If you haven't got your Amiga wired up to your stereo yet, now's the time because the music is just begging to be played at full volume.

Control over Leander quickly becomes second nature, but is sophisticated enough to allow high jumping and ladder climbing. Additional touches like the waves, waterfalls and rain make this one of the most classy games for a long while. Well worth the pennies.

Medival game, where you should guide your hero through very hard levels. Beautiful graphics, intro and music, but extremly hard gameplay. It's worth to try your might :)

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (4.50 MB).


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