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Here it is at last, yonks after every other version has died. In Deflektor, you basically have to bounce a laser around the screen with the aim of getting it to hit a specific block by moving an angled mirror or two.

Graphics are fairly basic, but then again there is not a whole lot you can do with a bent line and a few other lines to represent mirrors. Sound is adequate and as a game it is still as frustrating as it always was. A straight conversion if ever I saw one.

This is a game without a story. There are no aliens to conquer and no riches to be made. Deflektor is an out and out puzzle game.

It takes place on a grid containing a laser emitter and collector. The collector is blocked by some kind of obstacle, which is only removed once all the round 'cells' in the grid have been destroyed using the beam. It's deflected by a series of rotating mirrors and sent through a series of objects (converters, refractors, etc).

Whatever you do, don't let it overload by reflecting into itself and watch out for the gremlins!

This great little puzzle game based on the properties of light has taken a long time to come onto the Amiga. But the wait has certainly been worth it. 60 screens of puzzling and frantic joystick manipulation accompanied by some great music that plays throughout means you'll be playing this for a long time to come. Fascinating stuff.

Deflektor is another 'Break out' style game, only with a name that sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie. If you don't know what this type of game is, then I shall tell you. You have a little paddle, that you move around in order to allow balls to bounce off of it, and you have to get the ball to hit the bricks at the top of the screen. Once you have blown up all of the bricks, then that level is complete, and you move onto a harder one. I really like these types of games for some inexplicable reason, because they really do have boring concepts. I recommend this game, as it is one of the better games of this type.

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