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Dizzy is, you may be mildly interested to know, an egg with legs and a facile grin. After taking a trip with Long John Silver Cruises, he finds himself in eggxile, stuck on an island with not even an Egg Friday for company. Being an eggstrovert, he doesn't want to be alone forever so he begins to plan his eggscape. (That's enough egg yokes. Ed.) He notices, however, that there are gold coins scattered across the island and being a greedy eg... (... Snip. Ed.) he decides to blag as many as possible before making good his escape.

First things first though and I'll begin by refuting the daft quotes which the Codie munchkins insist on putting on all their packaging. Treasure Island Dizzy does not, as the box claims, have 'probably the best graphics, sound and gameplay you will ever see on the Amiga or ST'. The graphics are cartoony and certainly well drawn, more than adequate yes, but not stunning. Similarly sound is good enough, but nothing more. Gameplay fares better however, because Dizzy is actually a pretty good arcade adventure which can trace it's roots all the way back to Jet Set Willy.

It's got its annoying parts, like just one life which means you've got to solve the whole thing in one go or begin right at the start when you die. And you know what a pain this is. You will also often be killed without any warning whatsoever, which is just as annoying.

Not bad for a fiver and no doubt younger 16-bit owners will get more than their money's worth from it.

My personal favorite Dizzy adventure. The story is more-less the same as all others with cute little egg hero in a mission of rescue...of himself. He's gotta escape the pirate island but before he does that he has to find the hidden treasure! A great action/adventure with one of the computer game's most favorite characters of all time.

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