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Dizzy, the egg protagonist, is back in his fourth installment: Magicland Dizzy. The land has been corrupted by an evil wizard, and it's Dizzy's job to set everything right. To do this, he must walk, jump and flip through a large number of screens, pick up and use various items, and talk to people.

I'm a bit confused as to when Codemasters actually made this little game, but I would say that it was made around 1991. The graphics are the same as Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk. You once again play the role of a little egg with boxing-gloves called Dizzy, and once again you are on a quest to save your beloved Dora, who has for some reason been transformed into a frog. You must explore the land, and try to solve the little puzzles one by one in order to finish the game.

If you have played any of the previous Dizzy games you are aware of how tedious they can be in some places. This game is no exception to that rule; you have no way of saving the game, and death comes quickly and often: two things that really bring down the overall score for the game, although Codemasters have tried to improve other aspects of the game. The biggest improvement is the ability to carry three items instead of two.

The music is nice for about 3 minutes, after which it soon gets very repetitive. In short, following the success of Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk I expected more from this release, so I would give this game a 3.

Part of the Dizzy games Series

Yet another well made and simple game from Codemasters (also behind the Micro Machines series). You are this little round fellow (ball) and you have to collect diamonds and other important (not) stuff. Of course you have to avoid the evil ghosts who are out to catch you.

There are many different levels each being a bit more difficult once you get further into the game. The the usual arcade style game mode where you go from one screen to another once you have have avoided all the traps on te current screen. Magicland Dizzy is a good game if you want to relax and a bit and waste some time.

Fans of Spectrum computers would recall that Codemasters' Dizzy series were some of the best games ever made for that computer. Created by a quirky pair of designers who call themselves The Oliver Twins, the series feature Dizzy, prince of the egg-shaped people (okay, they're actually eggs) who are, quite ingeniously, called yolkfolk. The games are either arcade adventure, or arcade-style puzzlers. The series is memorable for eccentric level design, great music, and wonderful cartoon-style sense of humor. There were 15 Dizzy games made for the Spectrum, only 7 of which were ported to the PC.

Magicland Dizzy is the second Dizzy game for the PC, fourth in the series overall. This time, the evil wizard Zaks is back and has done some strange things to the Yolkfolk - Denzil is trapped in a block of ice, Dylan is in a slumber, Dora has been turned into a frog, Daisy has turned into a giant, and Grand Dizzy is stuck behind a mirror! Dizzy managed to defeat Zaks before, so can he sort him out another time?

Gameplay will be familiar to Dizzy fans: adventure-style puzzle-solving (complete with inventory items) with some frantic action. As well as rescuing the Yolkfolk, you must also collect 30 diamonds (shades of Super Mario here). Unlike the first three adventures, Dizzy now has an energy bar as well as three lives, so the game is much more forgiving than Fantasy World Dizzy. Sound and music this time have also been upgraded to Adlib/Soundblaster, so PC gamers can now hear what Spectrum gamers have enjoyed for years. Overall, nice graphics, nice tune, nice game - what more can I say? Highly recommended!

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