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Alf's World of Words is a companion title to Vision Software's Alf's Thinking Skills, an excellent edutainment game starring one of America's most famous children TV characters. Like Alf's Thinking Skills, AWoW was designed for preschoolers, this time to teach them the English alphabet and basic words. There are several mini-games kids can play, each presented by Alf and his cartoon friends. The games are easy to learn and fun to play, and the level of difficulty is just right for the target audience. If you (or more likely your kids) love Alf's Thinking Skills, you will also enjoy this game from the same company. It may not have the same quality or number of games as the more popular Super Solver series, but as one of the pioneering edutainment titles, it was excellent by 1988 standard - and remains surprisingly playable even today. Recommended!


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