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Garfield (the world's fattest and laziest cat, as if he needed any introduction!) has dozed off in front of the fridge. The cold is having some effect on his sleep, as he begins to dream of Northern Italy, and the Alps. As any glutton knows, Italy is where lasagne comes from, and on the other side of the Alps is Switzerland, where they make chocolate!

Naturally, both of these fat-foods feature in Garfield's dream. In the first section of the dream. Garfield is skiing down a hill with Odie, because at the bottom of this hill is the lasagne-making factory (a dream of dreams for all self-respecting carbohydrate-consumers!) There are logs, trees, stones and all sorts of other things in the way, which the fat cat must avoid or jump, as well as ski-jump ramps which must be negotiated successfully. Right at the bottom of the hill, there's an extra big ramp, which Garf has to fly off to take him to the beginning of the second stage: inside the lasagne factory itself.

Having fallen through the roof of the factory, Garfield now gets a chance to increase his energy level. When he plonks himself down in front of the production line, waggle the joystick like mad to make him eat faster. The more he gobbles, the better he feels! When Odie stomps in to announce dessert-time, it's off in search of the chocolate factory.

In here are loads of elevators, escalators and poles connecting the platforms. Garfield has to direct the flow of chocolate through the red pipes, so that the pipes dispense chocolate to all the mechanical chickens throughout the factory. The direction of flow though the pipes is shown by the arrows which appear at the pipes' connections. Near to each of these connections is a little red button, which when pressed will change the direction of flow. After all the chickens have been fed, Garfield can enter the control room, where the mythical chicken that lays the chocolate eggs lives. Unfortunately, when he gets there, he discovers that the chicken has escaped.

The lake is frozen over. Garfield, feet clad firmly in a pair of skates, takes off over the ice to follow the chicken's chocolate footprints (which, of course, he eats on the way). He must avoid the holes in the ice {watch out for Odie, who has a saw and uses it!) and collect any bits of food. Once he gets to the other side, it's into the Swiss Village to find the chicken, at last.


What can I say? The graphics in Winter's Tail are fantastic: they're perfectly coloured and amusingly animated, and the characters are much brighter and clearer than they are in the Daily Mail! Sound is good too, with an excellent tune that plays throughout. Absolutely brilliant presentation.


Once again though, good presentation is let down by a poor game design. The first section (skiing) is OK: it lacks a lot of content, but it looks good and plays reasonably. Unfortunately, the Lake and the Chocolate Factory are both awful; the former is unplayable, the latter too boring for words. Fans of Garfield with money to spend on cuddly toys and other stuff of dubious usefulness might find it good value, but any gamesplayer is going to seriously question the importance of buying this. Not recommended to anyone but the most die-hard fans.

Our beloved Garfield conquered the Amiga. This game has nice graphics, very hard levels to practice your skills. Features a cool, happy music!

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