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Yes folks, Sierra are back! They are only distributing this one on behalf of the French publishers, but the good news is that Kings Quest VI will soon be available in an Amiga version that I am promised will be up to the standard we expect

Goblins 3 is an hilarious romp that has its origins in traditional adventure, but plays with an arcade feel and puzzles aplenty. Although the game comes on six disks and the loading time is horrendous, there is no actual disk accessing during the level, so stick it in the drive and go and make a cup of tea.

What you are then faced with is a screen full of puzzles. The hero figure, Blount, has to solve an enigma whose solution is scattered about in up to three screens in length. He even gets the help of some other characters along the way, but their moves are limited, although crucial to his success. Blount is on a mission to discover the fabled Labyrinth of Foliandre, come through its tests and bring well-being to all his people. Unfortunately, the only person who has the power to guarantee that the tests have been passed has been kidnapped, so Blount has to find her first.

The whole game is one puzzle after the next, but you have so much fun finding the solutions that you actually look forward to the next one. For instance in the first screen, Blount is aboard a ship, which is in danger of sinking. He has to escape, but how does he manage to get himself into the lifeboat which is inaccessible and cut the rope without a knife?

There are objects to be found and manipulated and with the help of other characters the solution can be gained. The fun comes when Blount tries something that doesn't work and suffers a multitude of cartoon tortures because of it. There are no stalemate situations and the characters never die, so trying even the most far fetched combinations are worth watching just to see the next gag.

If you love adventure get this and glory in the jokes and the sheer lightheadedness of it all, adventure without the fear of dying.

You control only one goblin this time around since there is only one "i" in the title. It's the hardest game in the trilogy, there is a number of puzzles that you simply cannot solve without a lot of trial-and-error. For instance, in the second scene you must get through several bad guys. The only way to do that is to randomly try each item you have on each guy until one works.

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