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Bret Conrad, ex-US Special Forces and onetime CIA, is an all-action guy waiting for an adventure to happen. The adventure comes along in the form of an old Amazon map, pinpointing the location of a hidden Aztec tomb. Within the tomb lies incredible wealth - and it's there just waiting to be plundered.

Programmed by Kinetica software, Gold of the Aztecs is the result of 27,000 hours of work with several megabytes worth of graphics and animation. This arcade adventure smoothly scrolls on as Brett parachutes into the jungle, shoots his way past hordes of nasty Amazonian headhunters, and penetrates into the underground passages that lead to the Aztec tomb and the gold. As if the headhunters aren't deadly enough, the route to the Aztec tomb is riddled with a variety of very nasty booby traps, all waiting to consign Bret to the same fate that befell a group of greedy Conquistadors 400 years before.

Against the dangers of the Amazon, Bret is armed only with his trusty automatic and a machete. Luckily he's a very athletic adventurer, able to run, jump, climb, not to mention forward and backwards somersault his way out of trouble. Guiding Bret through all the danger to the ultimate prize calls for patience, nerves of steel, and some serious joystick waggling. Avoiding deadly blowpipe-wielding headhunters, killer elephants, and deadly Aztec booby traps will take some practice.

The map gives you a scrolling piece by piece view of the complete layout of passages leading to the tomb, and as you'll see, it's enormous! Nobody could hope to get right the way through the labyrinth in one sitting, so a 'save game' option is included.

In terms of gameplay, layout and presentation, Gold of the Aztecs is a slickly conceived game. The sprites are detailed and well drawn -Bret himself is a typical Rambo style hunk, while the headhunters are a pot-bellied looking lot. The horizontally scrolling jungle scenery is well rendered, colourful without garish and unrealistic, while the arcade style animation keeps the action moving.

It might take a long time, but finally getting Bret through to the actual tomb, and getting the gold, gives a real sense of achievement, not to mention wealth beyond your dreams. There's enough tension and excitement in Gold of the Aztecs to satisfy most arcade style adventure freaks.

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