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Step into an oriental world of mysticism, magic and martial arts mania courtesy of this thump 'em up which has 192-colour arcade screens and 3-D graphics. Assuming the persona of Tommy Lee. Kung Fu expert and superstar, you have to overcome the nefarious sorcerer, Li-Kuan, which is a hard task for the thick-skulled and brawny hero. Luckily, help is at hand in the shape of austere, snowy-haired ascetic. Master Chi. He will assist in the quest with magical powers of levitation and deadly psionic blasts.

Travelling around the country brings many gifts including magical aids and healing potions. These have the desired effects of breathing back life into the dying and ward off evil spirits.

Moving around the area is done via the adventure screen, which is the decision-making portion of the game. A compass informs you of direction, so boy scouts and orienteering experts amongst you may breathe easily. The arcade (fight) screens bring up the baddies; amongst their numbers are mutant rock dwellers, hall-snake women and horrific monsters. The scenery changes from mountains to forests to unbridgeable chasms. Making a map of the terrain may prevent travelling in ever decreasing circles!

Tommy Lee has a range of moves which are controlled with the joystick. They include the high jumping spin kick, which is very useful for attacking foes without incurring much injury. Additionally, smaller adversaries can be dispatched with a subtle low kick. The game is a colourful romp which has plenty of activities, exploits and puzzles to keep one occupied. What seems to be lacking are smooth-moving sprites - the monsters tend to lumber around in an ungainly and awkward fashion. Basically. Heart of the Dragon comprises standard gameplay spiced up with an impressive colour range and a comprehensive number of adventures. Not one to set hearts or dragons on fire, but an average and moderately enjoyable addition to the ever-bustling martial arts games collection.

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