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Why should cops in the movies have all the fun? After all, everyone's dream is to wander around in a long raincoat annoying people, getting drunk and generally being abusive -Adrian (thanks Ash) does it all the time. Now you can too. Police Quest II is very similar to the other Sierra games, in that it is an interactive arcade adventure of huge proportions. You control the hero, a tough beaten down cop who's fresh from the last Sierra Police Quest. He is a cute graphic, and can be controlled either by the mouse or joystick.

The game starts with you in your car. You can directly type commands in the same way as an adventure game when giving instructions. The game tells you soon enough if you're barking up the wrong tree, although most words are recognized. The atmosphere starts off nice and relaxed, with a nice drive to the airport. Here you can find Larry of the Leisure suit games if you look for him! Eventually the chief will call you in to give you a right earful and get you onto a case.

There are files on various suspects that you'll come across. These often contain vital clues which will need to be assessed carefully. They also contain a photo of the villain in question which may be removed for later use. There is a police computer which can be used to glean more data if you've got the passwords to get in.

Around the various screens you'll have to interact with other characters. These may be helpful, boring or just plain abusive. You'll need to whip your partner into shape, as he tends to be a tad on the lazy side. As in the other Sierra games, progress is made by solving a series of puzzles, often interlinked -so one will need to be solved before you can start work on the next.

At the top of the screen is your rating - out of 300 -which increases remarkably slowly. It is a big game, which you'll have to stick at to succeed at all. Fortunately you can save the game at any point, which is worth doing if you're trying something a little risky. It's well worth trying something a little unexpected, as Sierra have a reputation for being a bit off beat and the solution to a problem is not always obvious.

Graphically the game is faultless. The perspective is very well done, and your cop moves smoothly. You can change the speed of his walk if you think he's lethargic or turn off the sound if the engine noise gets too much for you. Very compulsive and addictive. Not really an action game though, so if you prefer to solve puzzles with a laser forget it.

Sonny dealt with the dangerous Jessie Bains in first PQ game, but bad guys always come back. Bains is no exception and this time he's looking for revenge! He captured Sonny's fiancÚ and is threatening to kill her unless Sonny surrenders to him. Will that happen? Download this great game and see it for yourself.

Police Quest 2 is still a textual adventure. This makes it hard to play but it is also very interesting. I guarantee you will enjoy playing it.

"The Vengeance". Jessie Bains, aka The Death Angel, escapes from prison and kidnaps Sonny Bond's girlfriend. The game's graphics was enhanced since the first Police Quest, but the game still has the "type in a command" interface.

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