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Computer versions of Miniature Golf have appeared twice on the Amiga the first was Zany Golf by Electronic Arts, and the second game was Mini Golf by Gremlin. Although totally different in style, both games captured the basic essence of miniature golf, and added features to the courses that would prove impossible in the real thing Hole-in-one Miniature Golf by Digitek Software, is an enhanced version of Gremlin's game, complete with five of the most bizarre courses you are ever likely to encounter, and a whole host of even stranger obstacles The game is a three-disk epic, with the first disk housing the main program whilst the courses are held on the other two disks Up to four people can play and the game offers five courses of eighteen holes. Each course follows a distinct theme - national holidays, outer-space, or even the alphabet - and the design of the courses and the obstacles within are all based around the theme.

The game is entirely mouse- controlled, with the direction and strength of your putts being determined by a guiding line Having positioned the ball, the aforementioned line will extend from the ball. When you have lined up your shot, you can then either shorten or extend the line, depending on the required strength of the shot. After that, the ball will shoot off - hopefully, straight down the hole At the end of the first nine holes, a score chart will appear giving details of each player's performance before allowing you to continue with the next nine holes.

DOUG: If you're the sort of person that spends his weekends playing minigolf until your arms drop off, you'll love this game. Unfortunately, not many people do. As far as I can see the game doesn't have any lasting appeal. The only time I can see anyone getting some lastablllty out of the game is when having a two or more-player game, otherwise I don't recommend It.

STEVE: Although simple to pick up, Mini Golf is slightly too repetitive tor my liking. The game has a charm of its own, with its crude but effective backdrops, but too many of the shots rely on luck to make it fun. If a bit more skill was needed, rather then hit-it-and-hope tactics, then Mini Golf would be worthwhile. As it is, it is too 'samey'.

Each stage features crude but colourful backdrops, but there isn't really anything there to amaze. A few digitised clunks and clicks, but the highlight Is the sampled piece of music that plays during the game.

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