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System 3 are probably best known for their ninja games, which have achieved cult status since they first appeared on eight-bit machines in the early 1980s. The team now present Ninja Remix, which they describe as the definitive beat-em-up.

Centuries ago the Brotherhood of the Ninja chose the island of Lin Fen as their site for the shrine of the White Ninja, a place where the legendary Koga Scrolls could be carefully hidden from the rest of the world. Taking the role of a young ninja acolyte, it is your solemn duty to repossess and return the scrolls, which have been captured by the mighty Shogun Kunitoki. Deep in the centre of the island stands the palace of Lin Fen -another fortress, but crafted by the very hands of the Mystical Shadow Warriors. Having been to the island once as a young acolyte, you have a vague memory of where certain paths and passages are located. That was over 10 years ago, and since then much has changed.

Finding your way around the levels you must pick up anything that you might find useful and locate the exit before you become just another memory. The island has been divided Into six different regions - the wastelands, the wilderness, palace gardens, dungeons, palace and the inner sanctum. Each has its own deadly dangers. Fortunately, you have not been put on this island totally defenceless. Initially armed with only what you have learned over years of intensive ninja training, you have to defeat any of the Shogun's minions In hand-to-hand combat. Later on you will be able to find and use various weapons dropped or left carelessly lying around by the enemy. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. The sword, for example, is extremely effective in long range combat, but falters heavily at close range, whereas the nunchukas are as effective at either range.

After learning the rudimentaries of combat you begin to explore the island and its inhabitants. All of the levels contain logical puzzles and traps, most of which are solved with the help of objects or a little common sense. This conversion by System 3 contains all of what Ninja II should have. It's a must for all you beat-em-up fans.

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