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As Hang Foy Qua peered through the trees the tranquility of the surroundings confirmed his suspicions - he had finally reached the great Shaolin Temple. He cautiously made his way up to the temple entrance, where he was greeted and welcomed in by one of the many monks. Taken before the abbot, Hang Foy Qua explained his story and the reason for his visit. His sister, Leia Sing, had been kidnapped by the Emperor's troops, who threatened that, should anyone attempt a rescue, she would be killed. On good advice, Hang Foy had been sent to the Shaolin Temple in the hope that the monks would help him. The abbot finally accepted him and (rained him well over the months - Hang Foy was a good learner and student and his Shaolin Kung-Fu skills were some of the best to be seen, but before he could leave the temple he would have to pass through the six Chambers of Shaolin. Only a handful of monks had actually made it through the chambers, few ever returned. As Hang Foy prepared himself for the first test, the thought of his kidnapped sister strengthened his spirit.

The Chambers of Shaolin consists of six different tests, each one requires the use of a specific Skill for completion. The student is given a target to reach and he must perform this task successfully so that his mind and body will be correctly trained. On completion of all the tests, your student's attribute scores -strength, constitution etc. - will be displayed and you will be given the chance to save your character, should you wish to do so. If you are happy with your character, you can then select to fight your way through four of the best Shaolin monks in the temple. This is where your skills learned in the chambers will prove their use. You have a wide range of Kung-Fu moves at your disposal which must be used perfectly if you are to defeat the four monks. Each fighter's health is indicated by his sash (belt) which shortens when hit and lengthens when attacking successfully Should your sash reach zero, you will be defeated and have to return to fight the first Shaolin monk.

As the last Shaolin monk hits the floor, he flips back up and bows, indicating defeat Now your quest can begin You bid farewell to the monks of Shaolin and set of in search of your sister. You know full well that the Emperor's palace will be guarded strongly, but by whom, and what? You finally reach your first adversary - a red dragon that breathes fire. On dodging the fireballs you rush up to the dragon's head and deliver a jump-spinning back-kick. Your foot smashes into its head. On recovering, its eyes narrow and the razor-sharp jaws start to open, once again!

GRAPHICS: Each level has an attractive and, in many cases, animated background, and these and the sprites are of very good quality.

SOUND: The game features both good music and effects, and the sounds of the thwacks and crunches are particularly effective.

STEVE: Normally, martial arts games rely on their speed and various moves to make them popular. Chambers of Shaolin, on the other hand, has the said featuresf as well as several playable tasks and a neat one-on-one beat'em-up to boot. I was particularly impressed with the way you could save your character, and the difference it made to your strength and fighting when entering combat - a feature which, just like the moves available In this section, is true to life. I wasn't really impressed with the task you undertake after battling through the combatantst but that is a small gripe in an otherwise excellent game.

DOUG: At first, Chambers of Shaolin looked like a very poor game, but once played, the game grabs you, and keeps you glued to the computer for ages. The six tests are excellently presented and are a Joy to play, while at the same time the combat sequences continue the outstanding playability of the game. If you've got enough money, go out and buy the game, and If you haven't, start saving.

ALEX: As martial arts games go, this has got to be the best one I've seen on the Amiga so far. Although International Karate+ was good, Chambers of Shaolin completely overshadows It. The Six mini tests are great fun and the game is just as good, with the computer controlled characters actually having some intelligence, unlike so many previous karate games. Worth getting hold of.

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