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More intelligent than Einstein, more muscular than Arnie and sexier than Tom Cruise - but that's enough about me, what about Jim Power? Poor old Mr Power has found himself in the unfortunate position of having to save the Universe. It seems that some demon has taken over the infamous Mutant Planet, not only that, he's also kidnapped your girl. If you can't find him and destroy him in time, he'll turn your gorgeous babe into a nine-tentacled space freak and you'd better get tooled up 'cos this looks like the rumble to end all rumbles. Die, filthy alien space dung!

"Jim Power will undoubtedly be compared to the likes of Turrican and Gods, but that's no bad thing. The Amiga is a bit short of decent platform shooters and so this comes as a welcome addition to the genre. The graphics are bright and colourful, with some original baddies and brilliant platform puzzles. The music is funky and the sampled speech works extremely well. All in all it's a right old laugh and a fairly big challenge. Some of the end of level baddies are groovy bordering on the spectacular and the game has a nice console feel to it. Certainly better than Cods and a must-have for Amiga platform fans."


These days a game just isn't a game unless there's a great big monster waiting for you at the end of every level. Jim Power is no exception and after you've traversed the platforms and wasted the little monsters, you have to pit your wits and firepower against huge baddies. Instead of walking and jumping at this point, you don a jetpack and fly around while the oversized goon tries his best to kill you. Well, what else would you expect him to do?


As with most games of this type, Jim Power features a host of extra weapons to pick up. These boost your firepower, giving you extra wide shots as well as vertical fire. The good thing is that you don't lose these weapons after you die. Just as well because you really need those power-ups on later levels. It's a shame that all the addons work the same way, because a little variety would have been nice. As it is, all the power-ups work in exactly the same way.


Jim Power has a rather novel smart bomb. By collecting certain potions, he can turn himself into a raging nuclear furnace. He starts to glow uncontrollably as you hold down the fire button and letting go unleashes a massive explosion. It destroys aliens and impresses girls, but it's not very good for your trousers. It's a good idea to save the smart bombs for the end of level baddies though and save yourself a lot of laser related trouble...

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