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First, let me stress that Special Edition is not Alien Breed 2. The official sequel is scheduled to appear during the middle of next year. In the meantime, Special Edition is here to keep the juices flowing.

Maintaining the same scenario as the original, Special Edition features altogether differently designed levels, more of them and more joystick-rattling than before.

It's best described as a futuristic Gauntlet, extracting and developing the atmosphere and action from the Alien films. Stylishly presented both graphically and sonically, this is perhaps the most advanced search and destroy arcade game ever seen on the Amiga. While exploring a spacestation, you must complete a series of 12 missions by yourself or with a trigger-happy human companion. Trying to thwart your progress are hundreds of alien life-forms who insist on you pumping them full of bullets before they'll join the ranks of the dead.

Collect extra ammo, first aid kits, money and keys as you blast your way forward.

By accessing one of the hard to find computer terminals about the decks, you can buy more powerful weapons, examine a radar display of the level as well as spending cash on extra lives, ammunition, keys and more. Unlike the first Alien Breed, using all your keys isn't the end of the world as you know it, Jim. No sires, for now you can shoot open doors at the expense of an ammo clip. Other differences include a password system enabling you to continue from fairly close to where you died! However, you restart with the basic machine-gun and none of the objects you had gathered before.

Ammo-geddon it

The main criticism of Alien Breed was the easy difficulty level. Thankfully, this problem has been rectified but maybe a touch too much. For example, I spent about half a dozen ammo clips on one particular guardian. "Should have bought yourself a decent weapon then, shouldn't you!" you may blurt. It just so happens that I'd forked out thousands of credits for a flame thrower that wasn't flamin' powerful enough for my liking!

When all said and done. Special Edition is basically Alien Breed re mapped. But be honest with yourself, whether you own the original or not, you still want to get your hands on this, right? And with good reason, too.

Also, well done to Team 17 for releasing this addition at a budget price and in stand alone format (in other words, you don't need the first Breed to play Special Edition). They've shown a great deal of consideration to their fans by doing so. I mean, how often does a company rewrite a gome before releasing it on budget? Exactly.

Alien Breed gave birth to a son and the result is an exhilarating, intelligent exploration blast that's quickly matured into the leader of the pack. Well designed and programmed to the last detail, Special Edition is suitable for newcomers and Breed veterans everywhere. And it's literally a small price to pay for a galaxy of unimaginable action and immeasurable pleasure. The eagerness and anticipation for Alien Breed 2 will now reach a new, higher level of intensity. Can't wait!

Special Edition of the popular Alien Breed 1 game. With some new stuff, also released in AGA version for CD32. Alien Breed 2 is announced during the intro.

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