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Oh no, not another one. I'm an awful long way short of being the world's biggest fan of these D&D fantasy role-playing things, so after Death Knights Of Krynn I was less than thrilled to get this one to review as well. Imagine my surprise, then, when I found myself spending the best part of the day playing it and having a pretty good time into the bargain. I hate to keep bringing up the comparison, but this reminds me strongly of Julian Gollop's Chaos and Rebelstar, mostly in its high level of accessibility, playability and presentation. Menus and stats are kept to a minimum, replaced by intuitive and logical controls and lots of action. King's Bounty also boasts respectable graphics, a more-than-sufficient amount of speed and fairly minimal disk accessing, and a plot that's so easy to pick up I didn't even have to read the manual for the first three hours of playing. If you've ever fancied getting into this kind of game but have been put off by the sloppy, half-baked programming and design that D&Ders seem to have to put up with, this could be the very game for you. Really, I haven't got the space to tell you about it property, but trust me - if you're anything but the most diehard zapping fan, you'll love this.

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