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Long ago the dragons teamed up with an evil magician and all hell broke loose. The many good races of the land formed a band of heroes who smegged the bad guys well and truly. Several generations later things are beginning to stir as the elves take a dislike to the rest of the world. A man propositions you in a bar and you find yourself as the guiding force behind a band of green but enthusiastic adventures.

You start in the inn where you can fill your six party slots with predefined characters or look around for a few new ones. To find new recruits you select the sex, race (there are five races in all) and which of the twelve professions you require and you will be presented with a likely candidate. Of the twelve professions many can cast spells such as the illusionist, magician, healer, druid or blacksmith, yes blacksmith. Each profession has a distinct set of abilities such as trade related spells, thieving and lock picking abilities, or in the case of the blacksmith the ability to repair weapons and armour damaged during combat.

The exploration of the world is very similar to the Bard's Tale format and as an added bonus experienced roleplayers can load character from either The Bard's Tale or Phantasie. Combat is quite good with five ranks of combat ranging from the killing rank to the retreat rank. All characters can attack at once, cast spells or defend and not as in some games only the first two or three. A slight disappointment is the representation of the monsters, they are completely static, which is a bit of an oversight.

There are many nice touches like the ability to negotiate safe passage past monsters or recruit them. Non-player characters often much stronger than your party offer assistance with advice, special items and more often than not, a strong right arm. When a characters dies the only hope of resurrecting them is to have either a high level healer (only female characters can be healers) or pay a visit to the local temple, but be warned if you leave it too long the body will have decayed beyond all hope of resurrection.

There are two main areas to explore with eight four level dungeons to delve into. Unlike other games each dungeon has a specific feel and its own unique graphics.

This is by far the best attempt at a roleplaying game to date but it does have one or two minor drawbacks. You can only gather gold when in a shop or other establishment and if the amount of gold carried by the party is too much for one character to carry the process aborts leaving you to transfer gold from character to character the hard way. The second problem which lays the game open to an endless number of cheats is that the dungeons and all other landscapes reset when you leave them, so if you know where a particularly good cash supply or cache of magic weapons is, you can return time after time to plunder its riches.

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