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If there's one thing the early King's Quest games have got it is superb graphics. I mean, you'll just marvel at them. Don't they just make you desperate to play the buy the game for as long as you possibly can? No, me neither. However they are horribly misleading. The early Sierra games must still rank among the top graphic adventures of all time, at least in terms of atmosphere, and King's Quest III is no exception.

The storyline isn't that different to the others in the series, relying heavily on the twee, olde worlde type scenario of the child like world of fairy tales and legend but it works, and again they have managed to craft a delightful story that will enthrall both fans and newcomers. Highly recommended to both fans of the series and those who have never encountered them before.

Kixx XL have hit upon a winner with this licensing deal with Sierra, and over the coming months the less affluent games-players will have the opportunity to feast upon games that have previously been out of their reach.

This episode is called: "To Heir is Human" Two years after the marriage of King Graham and Queen Valanice they bore a twin--Prince Alexander and Princess Rosella. Everything was fine until one day when the evil wizard Manannan kidnapped Prince Alexander.

The game starts when Prince Alexander approach to 18 and decide to work towards an escape.

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