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It's been a long time coming, but Sierra have kept faith with their many Amiga tans and produced a marvellous version that fairly zips along. Rumour has it that the Amiga version has been programmed by a Brit here in the UK and good for them too, for realising that there is still a huge audience over here for their products.

KQ VI carries on the continuing saga of the first royal family of Daventry King Graham, Queen Valanice and their kids Alexander and Rosella. Newcomers needn't feel left out, as in earlier games the story is completely self contained. In the previous episode, Alex's father rescued a young princess, Cassima, and she and Alex became a brief item as they say. Life goes on however and Alex wonders if he will ever see her again. One day, he gets a message from her; she's deeply unhappy with events at her Royal Palace on the Land of The Green Isles. Alex sets sail to visit, but his ship breaks apart in a storm and fortunately he is washed up on the shore of Crown Island, Cassima's home.

This is where your quest begins and your problems start. Although the game's central theme is readily apparent, your direction and goal are purposely vague. Through hundreds of locations. Roberta Williams, the games architect, has cut many paths, each criss crossing to one of several different endings. Ultimately the course you follow determines your difficulty level and the flexible design means that you can reach the end and yet still experience only a small portion of everything the adventure has to offer.

Gone is the traditional text parser; it's been replaced with a more intuitive graphical cursor. By simply clicking the right mouse button, you cycle through four all purpose actions: walk, talk, look, and touch. Select the object to be acted upon and then press the left mouse button. A hidden top-down menu offers additional control of inventory items and game save mechanics.

Using the expertise of Kronos, the Hollywood special effects wizards there are many cinematic sequences using unique camera angles. 3D panning and long tracking shots. Sierra describes Kings Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, as an adventure so vast you may never experience it all. You'll have the time of your life trying to prove them wrong. It's brilliant. And heralds a whole new era for all Sierra fans.

Called as "Heir Today, Gone Tomorow". Journey as Alexander, the son of King Graham, in an effort to find true love. As fate would have it, she is being held captive and must be freed.

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