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Welcome to the land of Trazere. Things aren't going too well at the moment - chaos walks the land and it's pretty ticked off! Who can save the Kingdom from the hordes of darkness? You guessed it, it's you.

You take control of a band of four hearty adventurers in a quest to rid Trazere from evil's minions. This is achieved in two ways, first by ensuring that the various towns on the main map are well defended and, second, by entering the cellars and dungeons underneath the towns to kick monster butt and collect as much gold as possible. Your band of adventurers is comprised of a Berserker, a Troubadour, an Assassin, and a Runemaster. Apart from the usual load of fighting skills, each character has a special ability, for instance the Assassin can turn invisible and, best of all, the Runemaster can cast spells.

It's this last character that lifts Legend above the level of just another RPG to the mighty heights of super stardom. The spell system is pretty complicated and involves mixing various runes and elements to form a spell. It's set up so that you can experiment with various combinations to see whether you can find a hidden spell. But, the most impressive thing is that you actually get to see the spell in action; unlike Legend's nearest competitor. Hero Quest. If the Runemaster fires off a missile damage spell, it spectacularly explodes on its target.

The dungeons are viewed from a traditional isometric-3D viewpoint and are rich in detailed graphics. The characters move pretty quickly considering the amount of detail on screen and the puzzles are just complex enough to get you seriously thinking. Overall, it's this attention to detail and sheer playability that make Legend an unmissable game.

A simple table styled strategy game with pure graphics, which takes place in middle ages. You can choose your side from good or bad, and male or female. Send your troops, recruit an army, use spells, etc.

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