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There is one thing you can always count on with Interplay, you don't get no rubbish! They have always believed that, as gamers themselves, they knew pretty much what was good and what wasn't and that there was no way that they would subject any of their customers to a game that they personally didn't like.

With a stable of great adventure games, like The Bard's Tale series and then The Lord of the Rings, followed by the excellent Battle Chess et al behind them, Interplay are right up there with the big players. With the establishment of a UK office, The Lost Vikings is their first release and what a way to kick off!

The game is a clever platform puzzler, in the Humans tradition and relies heavily on combined team play from the three characters involved. These are three Vikings, Erik the Swift, Baleog the Fierce and Olaf the Stout (not the beer!). They have all had a great day hunting and are generally in good spirits when they go off to bed. However, that night all three of them are captured by strange alien beings in a space ship who have decided to kidnap them as Earth specimens for their intergalactic zoo collection.

The game starts on board the space craft, where our three intrepid Nordic heroes, dazed and confused, have to work out where they are and how to get the hell out. You have to guide them through 37 levels of fun. (rollicking and downright devious puzzling before they are safely back home.

Where this game become enormously original is that each character has certain individual skills exclusive to him. Erik runs fast, can jump great distances and demolish brick walls with his head, Baleog is very handy with both the sword and bow and arrow, whilst Olaf just uses his great wooden shield to deflect the slings and arrows of discontenters and as a parachute to glide down or even as a leg up to a higher level. Using the three in conjunction is the key to solving each level, which get progressively harder with each turn.

You only control one Viking at a time and on some levels there ain't a lot of time to decide which ones to use where, particularly when you find yourself under attack and faced with three decisions to make. Arghhhh!

A downside to the game is in the control method, which leaves a lot to be desired. The problem is that each of the Vikings have two skills and can carry up to four items, which can, by the way, be swapped about as necessary depending on who you want to use. What this means is that you need more than the buttons on your joystick to use all the moves and so into play comes the keyboard, which is terribly fiddly used with a joystick. My advice is to stick to the keyboard only.

The key control layout is very clumsy too and could have been grouped better with a little more practical thought. So having spent two days working out the damn keys, you're ready to spend the next year playing it because the word 'addictive' doesn't come close. The levels have been cleverly crafted to provide just the right amount of frustration and reward, with enough variation to keep even the most hardened platformer intrigued. The characters themselves are funny and have personalities that seem so real. They utter witty remarks at each other, they curse you if you are too slow solving a level, they have funny mannerisms and are beautifully animated.

In the game, you have an infinite amount of lives and it uses a password system for each level, so there's no starling the thing from scratch each time. With a thumping musical score and bags of puzzles. The Lost Vikings is an absolute must for anybody who fancies getting hold of one of those games that will live on for years.


Olaf, Erik and Baleog lived happily in their village but one day something strange happened - something came from the sky and kidnapped our three little heroes! Yes, you guessed it right... it was a space ship and was controlled by a creature called Tomator. Now, the lost Vikings have to find their way back home with your help.

A brilliant platform logical game. There are 3 viking friends. One day a UFO kidnapped them, under mysterious conditions. Now they are in a space station and have to find the way out. You can control them separately and use their special capabilities to solve the puzzles and to get through barriers.

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