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Mad Professor Mariati has got a problem Having spent several years beavering away and assembling one of the technically-advanced laboratories the world is ever likely to see, a failed experiment has breathed life into previously inanimate objects and they are now wreaking havoc and threatening to escape Donning the Prof's white coat and glasses, you must guide Moriati through the flick-screens that make up each of the five labs and close them down. However, this is easier said than done as closing them requires solving a number of object-related problems.

Mariati begins the game outside his labs, and can enter the first four at any time. Once he has entered a lab, it must then be completed and its door boarded up before he can enter another. Each lab is made up of a number of colourful rooms, within which the rogue objects and useful items are located. The Prof is controlled using the joystick or keys, and can move left and right, and jump and climb ladders. In addition, to protect him from the marauding joysticks, cabbages and RS232 cables, he is armed with a number of spanners which can be upgraded at a later stage by trading in any collected money at a weapon-supplying vending machine Once the Prof has solved the puzzles and the first four laboratories have been rendered safe, he can move on to the final danger area - where the biggest challenge awaits.

GRAPHICS: Bright, cute and colourful, with some really good animation. The enemy sprites are varied, and the overall effect is pleasing.

SOUND: Over sixty sampled effects, which tie in to make a very loud but enjoyable game. Overall, very impressive.

STEVE: Despite its simple gameplay, I found Mad Professor Mariati quite enjoyable. Running around the screens solving puzzles wasn't especially taxing, but was good fun and an enjoyable way to pass time. The puzzles aren't so hard to be off-putting, and the enemy sprites add a little challenge to the game without making it impossible. All in all, whilst offering nothing original to the genre, Mariati is a cute little romp, with the emphasis on fun - take a look.

DOUG: Although Steve didn't think Mad Professor Mariati wasn't too bad, I didn't quite like it as much. I thought the puzzles were just a fraction too easy and could be worked out very quickly. The various levels make the lasting appeal of the game that bit better, but it still seems to lack that 'grabbing' something. If you're after a game to pass the time, then Mariati is adequate, but it's not a game I would recommend otherwise.

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