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Firebird's square-jawed hero's debut gets another airing, and he's just as fresh as when he first appeared. Basically an extension of the popular platform genre. Rick takes an Indy-style scenario set over five stages and mixes in some of the most devious traps and pitfalls you are ever likely to encounter. Graphically, the game is excellent, with squat and detailed sprites set against deliberately bland backdrops -which even feature a black and white mode for B-movie buffs. The five levels are incredibly tough, with loads of natives and Nazis to shoot, prod, or blow up, and a series of secret rooms awaiting your attention

Rick D is one of the best platforms games I've ever played, and is an absolute steal at its new price. What's more its superb playability ranks alongside Head Over Heels and Z-Out as budget must-haves. Get one today.

You play Rick Dangerous, a guy who's on a quest to find the lost Coolu Amazon tribe. He's a lot like the Indiana Jones. But his plane crashes in the middle of a bunch of crazed Coolus. With his gun in one hand, and dynamite sticks in another, he's up to the challenge of escaping.

Rick Dangerous is kinda like Indiana Jones caricature. Cute little guy with a funny hat, a gun and some dynamite sticks. His plane crashed and he's on his way back home to London. A true classic that everyone should already know about. Rick was a hit game and for a reason. Download it and see it for Yourself!

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