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After rushing around through all manner of strange and exotic locations, the man they call Rick Dangerous is in need of a rest. It's no mean feat trying to thwart the plans of overweight tyrants and Rick has just fought a long and gruelling battle with just such a blubbery villain. But the Fat Guy will not rest easily and he is determined to make his plans to take over London come to fruition.

Rick is just heading home, his hat pulled firmly down and his coat-collar pulled tightly up against the dismal English summer, when he hears a strange noise. Looking up he sees a fleet of... naaah, it can't be! It is! A fleet of flying saucers! And who is that at the controls of one of them? None other than the Fat Guy himself!

The saucers appear to be touching down in Hyde Park, so it's time for Rick to show his true strength. Away goes the Indiana Jones jungle clobber and pistol -out comes the nifty superhero suit and laser weapon. Time to kick that wobbly behind for good!

In this, the sequel to what is arguably one of the most playable platform games ever to appear on any computer screen, you must continue the adventures of suave, sophisticated and - basically -'hard mother' adventurer, Rick Dangerous. After his earlier defeat, the Fat Guy has returned to create even more havoc. You must make use of Rick's increased power in a fight to overcome the obese dictator once and for all.

Play begins at the landing site of the Fat Guy's saucers, continuing to the icy planet of Freezia, the overgrown forests of Vegetablia and the Fat Guy's atomic mud- mines. The gameplay is in the same vein as Rick I, with some new twists. Instead of a poxy little six-shooter, Rick now carries a powerful laser gun. Also, Rick has learnt the art of sliding bombs to their target, allowing you to take obstacles out from a distance.

To complete the game, all four sections must be completed before you can take on the Fat Guy, but you can practice on any of them any time you wish. Even so, there is still quite a fight ahead. Get those lasers going. Zap! Voom! Kapow!


The appearance of the original had a wonderful cute quality but, believe it or not, the sequel has gone even further. The graphics are more colourful and varied, with a multitude of wonderfully-animated sprites and backgrounds. The sound, too, has been given a boost. Some of the monster effects have to be heard to be believed, especially the blubbering slime monsters in the atomic mud-mines. In addition there are some superb intermission screens, showing Rick's journey between locations. The whole thing is like a cross between a matinee serial and a cartoon - can't be bad.


Each of the levels is quite a challenge, so even when you know what to do, you need the timing and reflexes to pull it off. The sequel has the extra advantage of allowing you to play the other levels without fighting through the earlier adventures (a difficult task for the would-be platformer), but it's still by no means easy. Weeell, it's easier to complete the levels than it is to stop playing!


By now, Rick Dangerous has earned its place in the hall of fame for classic platform games, but just when everyone was taking it for granted, along comes the sequel - and it's even better than the original. The graphics have been polished up, the sound effects are funnier and the gameplay is more fluid and enjoyable. With a little thought all the puzzles can be worked out (and some of the solutions are extremely strange), so no more of the 'getting stuck behind the same guard' syndrome!

Even if you haven't played the original game (where have you been?) Rick Dangerous II is well worth a generous slab of any game-player's time. But a generous slab could have you sitting in front of your computer for days without rest. You have been warned... but download it anyway.

Second episode of the famous hero, Rick Dangerous! The graphics was a little bit enhanced, and you get some new levels. Come on Rick fans, blast everybody!

Rick Dangerous is back in his fight against the evil. This time it's the aliens that threaten Earth. 5 levels of pure platform fun. One of true legends and the game that you MUST play.

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