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Adult adventures in cyberspace and NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDER 18s. That's woken you up, eh? BloodNet first arrived back in the chilly month of February and our correspondent from north of the border found it a: "compulsive and compelling journey to the outer reaches of cyberspace," scoring it a most impressive 82 per cent.

In brief BloodNet is set in New York 99 years from now. Vampires, the Information Superhighway, neural implants and mega corporations play a prominent role in this evil world and for a change, the plot is both relevant and bloody marvellous. And, fanfare, it's a serious, non-linear adventure which is worth playing because it has, pause, depth. Why are there so few of these games around? Because it takes intelligent people to write them?

So here you go. While in cyberspace you meet a data angel whose body was murdered while he was decked in, leaving him trapped in the matrix. His Soul Box is decaying. He pleads for your assistance. You have to transfer his consciousness into a Dragon Soul Box so that his data structure remains intact while you try to help him. Then copy your level three and four cloaks into his data structure so that he can avoid TransTech security until you can help him.

You also have the chance to pay a virtual scenario producer to patch this cyberlost data angel into a virtual reality construct of Manhattan, thus providing him with familiar perceptual input. Phew. And that's just the character generator. It's hi-tech, hi-spec but by crivvens it keeps you playing.

The control is maybe a tad finickety, don't even think about downloading it unless you've got a hard drive, and there's no speech, but it's still the best point 'n' click adventure we've seen for an age or so.

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