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The secret agent with the golden crispy coating, the stiff upper flip' and no end of other sad puns returns in an eight-event, multi-player, joystick-pummeling sports game.

Surely everyone knows who James Pond is? Well, just in case there are a few of you out there yet to be introduced to the F.I.5.H agent, here arc the facts: James Pond is (there's no getting away from the fact) a cod; his arch enemy is the infamous Dr Maybe (think about that one) and this is James's third adventure. James is to Millennium what Sonic is to Sega, Mario is to Nintendo or Cliff Richard is to the record-buying public - you just know that you're going to get another dose of the nauseating little superstar at least once a year (normally around Christmas).

But just like Mario. Sonic and Cliff, the product is always of an exceptional high quality, if somewhat lacking in cutting-edge butchness. Although The Aquatic Games marks James's third appearance, it would be ...err Quite remarkable, etc. There are eight events to have a bash at, all have a decidedly 'fishy' feel and here they come:

1. The 100m Splash

This is a standard right-left joystick destroyer that sees James race against F-Fortesque frog across land and water. It will probably be made illegal in the year 2020 once it is realised how many gamesplayer's wrists were knackered in the 1990s.

2. Kipper Watching

This Is a lovely game. You play the part of Ceceelia the seal. She must protect her sleeping seal friends from the balls that are carelessly flung around the beach. The longer she can bounce the balls away from her chums, the more she scores.

3. Hop, Skip and Jump

Another joystick pummeling extravaganza complete with the tried and trusted 'hold-fire-until-you-reach-the-optimum-angle-of-45 sting in its tail. Work that power-meter up to make and then pump on the fire button to make F-fortesque jump.

4. The Bouncy Castle

In multi-event sports games there's always one that is hard to get the hang of, and this is it. James has to bounce from sponge to sponge (easy), to earn points, spin (easy), somersault (hard), double backward somersault (!?) for two minutes.

5. Feeding Time

Freddie starfish must scuttle up and down the pier feeding his fishy friends with all sorts of tasty goodies in a bid to prevent them being tempted by the bait at the end of the fisherman's lines. Starts slowly, gets fast and furious very quickly.

6. Shell Shooting

If there are only supposed to be seven original novels ever written, it doesn't bode well for the possible number of original, fish-related sports games. In this game James has to flick limpets, catch them then throw them at the balloons above his head.

7. Tour de Grass

Yes. It's Mark the shark on a unicycle (told you things were getting ridiculous) in another joystick pummeling (this time you must move your joystick round and round, up, up-right right down-right etc) race to a finish line. Mark the shark - excellent stuff.

8. Leap Frog

F-Fortesque frog again in an event that resembles the high-hurdles more than any leap-frog I've ever played. Keep the speed up and hit jump to clear the obstacles. If your hands aren't about to fall off after that you must be Robocop or something.

The triumphant return of James Pond. This time he is taking part in the Aquatic Games, against a variety of his underwater friends. I always remember seeing this game on various 'game playing' shows in the UK... You may rmemeber some, such as Games Master, or Games World.

Anyway, that proves that this is a good game for that kind of multiplayer gaming thing. It is a really fun game to play with friends, and you can play tornaments with upto 4 friends, or just play alone. Each game allows you to win a medal, Gold, Silver, or the worst is bronze. IF you don't manage to qualify for a bronze it is game over and you have to start again. But you can play in practice mode, which allows you to take a stab at qualifying for any game, at any level (bronze, silver or gold). There are various aquatic (olympic) games that you can take part in.

The 100 metre sprint, where you walk on water! The seal bouncing game, where you have to bounce balls and stop the seals waking up. The fish feeding game, where you play as a starfish and need to run along feeding all the fish in a time limit. The bouncy castle.

The game is pretty easy for the most part, apart from the unicycle game, which is practically impossible with the keyboard. You are supposed to rotate your joystick on it, which is rather hard on the arrow keys!

This really is a good game, with joystick waggling madness. Compete against friends and have a good laugh with this game!

Aquatic games is a nice little sports game featuring the well known James Pond and the Aquabats. It's pretty much a mixture of "normal" sports and those weird "California games" style disciplines.

There are about 10 different games or so that can either be played separately or at the olympics. Each game has a time or score limit that you have to be within to qualify.

Nice and easy game to play when you want to take a rest from all the shooters.

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